Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Only We Can Create Our Life

Assumption that we are all quite similar in this thing of changing how our mind thinks about this reality in and of itself being a reflection from within, as opposed to something occurring outside ourselves. A number of things have happened the past few days, which have at least after the first run of thinking caused me second thoughts asking ~ what vibration within me is creating this reflective imagery as my outer life?. WALLA ! at least I'm not failing witha big red F, but I'm only getting a D+ maybe, with a long way to go to an acceptable A or A+. Things happen and slip by with me thinking of them being out-sided me when I know better, they are all my version of the reality which may be shared with others. For instant the Flyers Hockey team has for the entire season been the
top rated team, a month ago they began playing horrid with games ended in ties with shoot outs to determine the win. Unfortunately they lost most of those, but somehow were far enough ahead the split points kept them on top in their division. Finally it caught up to them last night when they lost and went down second in the division after entire season with only two games to go. Ok~ far from a big world event, but the idea is this is part of my reality as a fan. I see a good start, then they die out as if they are waiting for the rest of the team to show up to play the game, or are thinking past effort has it won for them. In thinking about this I know it has meaning for me but what? Then realized my team sport is humanity, and my emotion must be a reflection from within that indicates I'm not giving the best effort. I'm not playing this goal of Evolutionary Shifting into New Paradigm with my best game. I'm waiting for it to happen when I must make it happen now by holding my highest resonance at all times regardless of the world events. OK now we got it!

By not applying my full effort to creating the new paradigm now it's like playing a D+ game towards transforming into the new reality. The idea of allowing things to aspire with on spot thinking it is created outside me rather than thinking from the very get-go that it's my inner reflection, is the lesser same kind of effort as the Flyers are putting out. Our D+ game isn't accomplishing the end goal (haha pun intended) Along with this many people I vaguely know are choosing to disengage of this life focus cause they feel they can't meet the deadline to accomplish their end go of an A+ performance. Not that this is wrong it's fine they should choose to end the experience of this focus and move on to what their soul feels is a greater advantage. It's just another reflection I'm expressing. My sons half baked effort to control his addictions, my half effort o get this apartment ready to rent and a zillion other such things are all the reflection from the vibration with which I carry thinking I'm giving my best shot when in truth I need to be doing conscious thinking about it NOW.

I'm going back and watch a rerun on yesterdays video cause in it Abraham/Hicks says it so very well I know I need to listen a few more times. It is time to resonate from within what we desire tomorrow to be, regardless of what we may be feeling in the moment, because tomorrow never comes and is always the Today we experience. I desire that experience to be the highest most delightful loving experience it can become from my inner reflection.

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