Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Take Advantage of it and Feel Good

We moved into powerful New beginnings of the New Moon energy of Aries and if your like most you'll read it through your mind then allow it to slip away. Well Don't this one is a biggie! It's plotted out prior to 2012 by our Collective Mind as our directional guidance. The stellinium of Mercury Mars Jupiter Uranus and Sun (half of the 10 planets) are in Aries meaning changes you desire in life are presently being offered an abundance of cosmic energy to support transition toward a new reality paradigm for beyond that big date. At the same time retrogrades from Saturn planet of restriction & Mercury denoting thinking, will give us time to get things together so we make the right choices into a better position if we ALLOW and don't push changes. Most of this will play out with creativity of spirituality perception of our place in relation to all else in this universe with Neptune residing in it's home sign Pisces. This long transit will allow the transforming flow of consciousness to touch everyone, even the most resistant minds turning it into that 100th monkey of the masses for desire to become the automatic norm. This harsh period is truly a blessing disguised as the curse promoting the Consciousness Shift into a new age based upon the vibration of Love.

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