Monday, April 18, 2011

Pushed and Swimming Faster

Ya that's what's going on from higher spiritual consciousness PUSHING and it's big time now. As the Hopi Prayer said this is not the eleventh hour THIS IS THE HOUR we must take action, for me and most it began with the Aries New Beginning Moon last month, and has built to come full circle with the Full Moon of present. Have a close friend who always wants to know whats new, whats going on, what is said, what should we do, the funny part is she sees and hears more than most of us do. Keep telling her to take a deep breath and trust her inner self, her visions, messages and dreams, but trusting self is often one of our hardest things to master. It took me years, now I speak with inner knowing that we came here with this awareness and it is now the time to open up this inner book. WE ARE THE ONES WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR, and we need trust this within ourselves and use messages of others as confirmation to our own after the fact for more expansion. So it is all must recognize that which is within regardless of the form the story takes. It can be told with religions overtones or with fear for survival, just as it can without either by recognizing we are essence manifested. There is no-thing to be feared for we are eternal consciousness of the All That Is. Each of us is here at this time to experience from our own perception the completion of one cycle and beginning of a new, which will transform this Earth reality into higher resonating frequencies providing energy for new expression to be experienced. The trick is to recognize this is what we set down in the blueprint and there is nothing to fear if we recognize ourselves as Essence
frequency tones, as it's the tone of our frequency which determines what is to be expressed as experience.

Yes yes yes we are feeling a big push knowing it is time for us to swim with the flow of the rushing current into a new branch of the energies stream to experience for the sake of expanding the All That IS as Unity Consciousness expressed..

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