Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dhats ~ That's All Folk's

We live in a world steeped in beliefs, mostly based on some version of belief having become a religion. Many don't want to believe this but if you really observe social practices you will see they are exactly this. Such as Christmas and Santa etc. I know as many Jews, who claim to not believe Christ was special born, practicing Christmas as Christians. Anyway I've spent my entire life stepping belief to belief as I began to release those which are man's perception; all to find the greater truth in the Field of Consciousness or what these days so many call the Matrix. What I have found is there are few actual truths in this field, but there all beliefs reside as simply having been a thought within that field. Now this is not to say that any of these beliefs are wrong or incorrect..they are beliefs and formulated as such became vibrating frequencies within their own right which then become what we experience as the vibration in our own version of this Earth reality. The more popular belief occupying the greater portion of that which is human Collective Consciousness (there are many collectives of consciousness) and thus appear to be truths of all which is, but really are only their own truths. The Greater Field of Consciousness holds no beliefs or truths of it's own, it is there to be that which each particle within it chooses it to becomes. Do you get that? each particle becomes of it's own desire to be upon being observed as Physics describes it. So this clearly says all beliefs and all that exists only does so via what individual aspects of the whole choose via desire becoming what can loosely be termed a thought.

To me it means IF I choose to believe the grass the Collective decided would be green, is instead purple, then when my consciousness removes all memory of green grass from itself, I get purple grass. This is pretty far out but we are presently moving into an energy with the Cosmic Cycle that will begin the process of creating a version of reality in which eventually this becomes possible. However it only becomes possible in our version of experience when we carry within ourselves Consciousness belief which says Grass Is Purple, and no longer remember in the bodies consciousness that it is green.

Now I often (although not being or having been raised Catholic) use the statement Mother Teresa used. She would not march against war, Only for Peace. Her idea was that marching against war served to apply energy to the existence of war and she desired only for Peace to exist. This is easier to understand than purple grass, but it gives the idea of how Consciousness is energy and we as energy forms are made up of any consciousness we hold in belief and even that which we thing we are against. Consciousness has a vibration which becomes our version of reality if it is within us. Endless statements have been posted from Bashar, Elias and Seth, and videos from David Wilcox, Gregg Braden, Darunvalo Melchizedek, Abraham/Hicks on this subject, yet we still find it a hard premise to get our mind around because we are so entrenched in the concept of being physical rather than being an Energy Frequency of Consciousness which is One with All Things just like the good book said we
are Expression of the Source of All or God Expressed in physical matter.
Sorry That's All Folk's
... expression Energy of Consciousness Frequency

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