Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vibrational Flow in Flying Carpets

This is The Hour and I've giving over total effort to noticing the vibration of energy coming from within my deeper thoughts creating my surface mind expressions. Saw myself checking myself and taking mind tweezers to extract the remainder of those limiting beliefs which no longer apply but had accumulated over years in Cellular Memory Consciousness. It was like stepping aside of myself to watch the movie ME in transformation.

Yesterday was shopping day, Cody dog's too. We went to Tractor Supply so he could pick out his food, then stopped by the carpet store with a note on the door "back at noon", so proceeded to Lowe's for apartment light, then went back for carpet. Realized I needed all the other stuff out of the way to have my own portals totally cleared of junk energy thoughts. Have gotten carpeting there for the past 25years, and with apartments that's a lot of carpet, the man was always pleasant to work with giving great deals However, this time he had changed as he greeted me with Joy In His Heart. After a few business words he proceeded to say how he had no interest in making money anymore as it had no meaning, and only wanted to enjoy breathing in the beauty and love of life, because that is were joy comes from. Breathing in Love of this creation is all that we take with us as it is our energy...Wow. Here I was sitting in front of a carpet salesman who recited my own words. I was literally seeing the vibrations within my heart being reflected out and back to me through the words this man. Son who had taken Cody for a pee-walk came in and I could see the mans energy merging with his and he lit up with smiles that were a unnatural cooperative delight from him.

This incident was a gift to me, by stepping aside of myself I could see from this salesman who I'd known for years, what was happening all around me in the moment via peoples as reaction to the energy. which was creating my experience. It was a depiction of how our inner vibrational frequency creates our experience as we move through life. And mostly it showed me why things in my life make even shopping trips fall perfectly into place with as a joyful venture. Cody had many make of him special over other dogs that were in the store. At Lowe's everything fell into place effortlessly and then I saw what created it from someone I had known for many years to now recognize the difference. from the energy involved. As we three packed the carpet into the mini-van I realize the carpet which would be placed in the apartment cat-pee room would embellish that space with the loving frequency it had become endowed with having been in the presence of this man's frequency. Here it is that energy of my apartment project coming to it's closure in that Libra Full Moon having begun it creation at the time of the new moon. This living space for the new tenant to occupy was being filled with Higher Consciousness Love
of the new cosmic cycle.

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