Monday, May 9, 2011

Bonding Cords Between Us

This past weekend marked by special events had promised to be quiet, and was anything but. It took a 48hour period of being in equivalent of retreat to clear my field of energy which was not my own, but what had stuck like sticky glunk via energy tentacles resembling those of the plates of an Octopus. I didn't go to retreat, but the one who is normally prominent in my space vacated it for the weekend. This removed the contained flow of their energy into the space as well as continued sapping of my energy through attention getting and the thought it creates in me. Now right here I'll say this is something happening which is viewed in my outer reality as attention getting from the other person, but I'm accepting full responsibility for it being created by the energy within me to be projected outward. So I'm actually draining my own energy via the thought projecting. In other words I'm responsible for creating this reflection which appears to be occurring in the reality around me. This is simply how it works as we are here to experience the expression of vibration we develop into through our own experiences (not that of others) even thought all other is actually part of the whole us.

In the old paradigm things were thought to occur outside ourselves. In the new paradigm we've begun to see how they are our inner energy being projected as experiences outwardly, and thus deal with them much differently knowing it is us not others creating our life as it is. The Catholic Church use to called this tentacle energy being possessed or having attachments called succubus or incubus. We believed ourselves victims and this was something separate from us coming from others. Today in new paradigm thinking we recognize we create this illusion of reality from our inner energy as expressions of frequency which we desire to experience and often at this time of the Shift transform belief of. This energy appears to be tentacles of energy reaching out attached sapping energy by gaining our attention and thus creating more thought of it. It can be personified as the class clown, egotist or the deviant who rebels or argues every word. Odd yes, but I've seen it many times, experienced it with my children and love interest, and presently have just recognize it occurring again with my adult son. However, this time it's different, it's in new paradigm energy with new expanded awareness so it's no longer viewed as evil or occult victimizing, but from the current science seen as a attached strand of energy, not from the other person but from me to them as I'm creating the vibrational frequency of the reality experience. It doesn't mean I'm seeking attention, it's indication I'm still carrying beliefs in my body consciousness which are based in old paradigm of life deriving outside ourselves. I detached emotionally from this person over twenty years ago, but with their return to my daily life I've again connected emotionally. This is quite easy to do as Seers know there is a cord linked between mother and child which is stronger than other cords due to the blood bond. This is one more layer of our connecting to All That Is which I must now work on. I'm seeing this only carrying the importance of making my inner consciousness aware of one more old belief that needs transforming along the way, and it only one of many.

They start point of transformation came with the
Crystal Layout which served to reset my energy as much outdated embedded consciousness rose to the surface to be transformed in energy of the new downloaded information and will help be sustained in me through the working Crystals on property and in the living being of the Transformation Pond.

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