Saturday, May 7, 2011

Derby Day's Reality

  • Love watching them run despise the money oriented sport which destroys life of these kids forced to pound hoof on bodies not yet fully developed, ya I did it before I knew better. Larry Bramlege DVM on call head vet for the port was a budding intern, and leg man as we joked when I worked with him, who made it to the top of his field. A sweet heart of a guy who's done much for the sport, but not enough to prevent these children from breaking down. I'll argue with him forever that racing 2yr olds is not good for muscle and bone growth. "Training is,~ Racing is not!" the race is tied up with fees making money and come hell or high water owners who interest is more in their bottom line not the horse who just shouldn't be forced work as a teenager. If not so, they wouldn't mind waiting that extra year of developmental training till bones muscle and minds matured to be a true supportive structure, instead of one in constant states of growth change. Ya today is Kentucky Derby day and I'll most likely watch, after all I spent years aching that I didn't get to go with all the big wigs I worked under, but then it did save many tears too by being present when healthy horses got sacrificed cause some B#@! wallet was more important than giving a kid the chance to choose what they wanted to be when they grew up. Not every blood horse has the mind to race.

Ya horses are people too, I foaled and nursed enough back to life that talked to me, and the one thing they dislike about humans is the way they feel it's their right to impose their will on them without ever giving them a chance to be a horse. Agreed they cost money to keep but if your gona do it do it right for them not your bank account. They too are beings, people of a different species in different body suits and they too feel just like humans do and their life holds value on an equal level in the All That Is.

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