Friday, May 6, 2011

Day of Accomplishment not Birthday

Today's my please don't cause I don't celebrate it. You see 1985 my middle child disengaged life after years of illness on the 4th of May, my fathers birthday was the 5th mine the 6th thus these few days were marked by as a different type celebration. Death as humans call it, to me is also a time to celebrate the time when one has completed a earth focus and chosen to move into another aspect of experience. But more than that birthdays are to me meaningless as none of us were aware of the event, beyond this we apply to it a belief of aging. Aging is only a belief and if desired it can be altered because time is not really linear except in the perception which carries that belief. Thus, by living each moment for itself linear time becomes non existent and age is no longer part of our reality. Many of my generation are changing the aging thing as 60 is the new 40's etc. So no Birthdays.

What I do celebrate is a Day of Accomplishment. Actually I posted something about this quite some time ago back on Yahoo360. This is an old Aboriginal custom where each individual chooses their time of celebrating when they feel there has been great accomplishment in some field that they should celebrated. It is not limited and can be many years apart of many in the same year and has nothing to do with the calendar. I love this idea and have over the past couple years failed to think much about it, perhaps a good thing as accomplishment was in many areas only half baked. Today I'm feeling some of the many areas I've been living have been fulfilled yet other are still baking.
*Like I know now with each event I ask what frequency in me has projected a reflection this way? Noticing my outer reality in this way has served to create unbelievable changes in my own belief systems which are creating my vortex of desire. I'm seeing that by playing the game regardless of circumstances seeing and living life as if it were already as I desire to to be...Is Working. It's a matter of projecting by being the frequency we want to draw to us from the universal field. What we ARE as frequency in each moment then the next moment to come carries as a reflection of that vibration. It's kind of like pretend but then this reality is an illusion to begin with, as we've all learned.....and this is working now that I'm living it! Sharing a cupcake with everyone for the Accomplishment.
*However the subject of Total Acceptance which many times I though was fully baked, seems to come up sticky and undone when it's cut into. Like the idea of total acceptance encompasses being able to see all things from the Neutral Point on the Polarity Scales and I'm presently struggling to do this with each event. Our beliefs are so deeply entrenched into our Body Consciousness that they continually pop up again in totally different areas as the root system is so vast and deep. I'm seeing often I'm feeling I'm thinking neutral, but it's just sitting a bit closer to the center and neutral point of polarity.

This is a transformation in thought perception that will take some time to bake completely. So the Birthday Cake will only be ready to serve on the Day of Accomplishment and haven't seen this one yet.

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