Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't Drink the Water

Just read a blog titled how the government is ready to put drugs in the water to prevent people from rebelling...and no...bottled water won't avoid it. Truth is we should all know by now the government is not that which we elect, but those controlling "anyone" we elect. I recognized this back in the 1950's before I was out of high school with an inner knowing that the more I put myself on the radar screen the more chance there was I'd be in some way pinpointed. So have been low key flying under the radar so I could live unhampered. See I saw it necessary at this young age knowing my father had been brought to the area to work on what was termed Radar for the Navy Dept. through Philco Radio/TV Corp. which was the then secret Philadelphia Project. He was a civilian in his mid thirties, and a genius without formal education living in a burg with only a few hundred do nothing special people. So as a Hippy Flower Child I rebelled undetected by marrying and buying my land, and was not disturbed by the outer world which at the time disapproved of this movement away from the standards of life and religion that was designed by them for us. Now this isn't a area to start placing blame cause it is in reality we we designed for ourselves in a world where we saw life as being created outside ourselves. It is simply something more designed as an experience for our essence to express itself in. We all lived this perception in the energy of the old cycle which is in process of transforming to were we see life experience being created from within and projected outward as an expression of our own frequency based on belief.

Here's reason I eat organic, self or local grown when possible. Here is why I drink well water and don't use main stream commercial products, or use conventional Alopathic medicine and doctors. Here is why I don't even take medications unless it's getting to be life or death. Cause what we ingest is the easiest way to mind control of the masses. "Fluoride" in public drinking water and tooth products is the best example I know....Do you really think politicians were concerned with your oral health..NO> Fluoride is known to deteriorate the Pineal Gland, of course they tell us it shrivels with age but trust me when it's being used like any other organ it does not atrophy. It's the Pineal Gland that opens up our 3rd All Seeing Eye and those running the show have always known this and the evidence is in it's representation at the Vatican and on the Pope's Staph with the Pine Cone prominent. ~Something the public didn't know till more resent times.

So simply rather than concern myself or give thought to that which I didn't not choose for my reality, I avoid it. Avoid Fluoride, avoid medications, avoid chemicals and avoid even having read that article cause I already know what it's about and details aren't important cause I'm not allowing it to enter my mind. I'm not going to march against war cause I will not give war power of my energy by acknowledging it ~ I will not promote the current rebellions and don't even march for peace because I've created my peace in my mind and it is my reality...I won't get involved in thoughts of rebellion to gain freedom cause my mind is free in it's thinking. I won't worry about HARP weather control, cause I live with what comes my way working to get the results I want. Do you get the comparison? I don't worry my mind could be controlled by others, because I'm controlling my mind from within with habits that remove me from giving energy to what I don't, and then create what I do want by making that the only energy I'm placing in my reality expression.

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