Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Best Teachers

I'm convinced most people are like me..dumbed down to think only on the surface of our mind cause the physical mind is occupied running this physical form we call our body and we are to busy to connect to our higher mind of real thought. For this reason like so many meditation is a valid means of getting a higher mind connected so we can think outside this Box we call us...Ya that saying just hit me full force, thought I knew what it meant, but realized that Box is me the physical and it's become very confining because so many beliefs in it are non-truths. One of them is that our response to life is determined by our genes which are inherited. When truth is it's just the opposite our genetic response is determined by our perception of our environment..Again saying all comes from within there is no-thing outside ourselves. Ok. The outer view is coming from within thus it is what we see as our reality..Now to show you how dense I am, I'll go back to the 1980's after hubby and I separated and working with some Olympic Medical Leave Horses called Lay-ups which were high strung I learned something and am still not living it..but hold it as an ideal.

Animals in general are the best teachers because they are pure minded. They don't judge but deal with the moment and who you are in each moment, so the energy tends to flow freely and if your open to it there is vast expansion of awareness. For months found myself having trouble handling certain horses which seemed to challenge me constantly, especially ones who had to be walked to the second set of paddocks form the barn which was traversed down 50yards of fence with a 6foot wide isle. Now 6ft is no space at all when trying to get out of the range of flying hooves from a rearing or dancing horse. Fortunately being a good handler in my day, was never hurt, but their antics seemed to get progressively more common and worse rather than better .

Eventually I wised up to realize that in the process of wanting to protect myself I was actually projecting thought visions of where I should be in relation to each individual horse according to the bad habits. At the same time what was thought as habit was instead just the normal process of excitement to get out and run and graze freely. With all this realization I knew I'd been showing them in my mind what they should do to get out and they were reacting in kind. So I changed the mind pictures and thoughts seeing them calmly move forward to the gate. It worked superbly with not one horse balking, dancing or rearing on their very first trip with the new mind projection. This clearly showed me how one trains animals and how we communicate with both domestic and wild ones. Their mind is pure in the moment, thus the energy we express directly creates form inner emotion our strongest energy projection and they will comply as that is the energy of connection made between us it's not our words or actions.

This was powerful information, unfortunately all too often I fail to apply it in life because I'm so programed into old beliefs which were designed for human limitation. In the present I'm attempting to project my desire at all times, avoid thinking the what if's or the whys and what fors. I'm getting what I desire, it's working really great in all areas not just animal connections! It's just more proof we create our reality from the energy as we perceive it.

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