Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holdin It Together

Wandering around the web on various blog sites even FB I'm getting the broader view of humanity which lately seems to have on their minds struggling with problems. Some with government transformations, other with finances or the world banking industries, others with gas raising prices, housing, jobs, and some with family inner-action. All in all the only ones we don't here complaining are those in the dire situations from Earth's natural disasters who are homeless, foodless, suffering loss of loved ones and pain from injuries............
This realization is helping to keep my perspective straight. Cause those with deep pain are not being heard by those of us still able to sit in front of our own PC's or TV's in our own home. Now that's not minimizing any ones problems, it's just putting things in perspective that if I'm still in my home with electric at a computer snacking my situation isn't that bad. Doing this helps me remember to allow the energy of the things which is not mine to pass through me, so I can hold my inner resonance at it's highest desired frequency.. Not easy but when we truly desire this it's doable.

If you've been a reader for awhile, you know of my inner battle the past several years with my adult son who returned home as my Nemesis. His presence in my life was stated, by my higher consciousness, to be My Armageddon=We each create our own as our downfall, preventing our ascension or the raising of our vibration to where we can harmonize in the higher octave energy Earth and our Solar System are shifting to becoming. It's our inner vibration which determines how we experience events and thus if we are not at a harmonic resonance with the whole of this energy sphere we will experience chaos and strife. Our vibration doesn't change the event, it regulates our impression of it. The Abe/Hicks video in the last blog explained this quite well.

That term "Energy that is not mine" means all that is not me, because our "physical reality is an interpretation of vibration, we view vibration through the filters of our belief receiver". My son, daughter, friends etc are not me and not my energy unless I allow their vibration to circulate in me to become mine too. This was a hard lesson to learn, as my son drinks like his father did, which destroyed his life bringing him back home in his 40's. I won't deal with the destructive nature of this, but it's taken me a long time to realize it's not the drinking that bothers me but the end result of it. So as long as the results don't effect me he can drink all he wants. It's his choice to do his life as he wants so long as it isn't inflicted on others. He still drinks at night in his room quietly and is getting up each a.m for work, caring for his animals, and there to exchange our agreed maintenance for rent. He's pleasant so my life is as I desire it to be by not allowing his energy to become mine. It has not been an over night process, but is a gradual reclaiming of mastery of my inner vibration on this higher plane of experience. This is what's meant by saying "Being in the world, but not of it". It's detaching from the physical to know ourselves as the essence of vibrational energy attuned to the harmonic of this sphere we choose to function in at this time. It's a detachment while remaining present while being physical but knowing this is only a projection of energy and we may experience it according to how we master our own frequency.

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