Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Living With Wild Black Bears

Sitting at the PC looked out the window to see a Black Bear at the Bird Feeders. We had a few spottings as they often get lost and some moved down from the higher mountain range of the Pocono's as population spread north. But in 40years only saw one walking down the road in the 70's when Oneson was in Cub Scouts; thinking it was the Leaders dog called him,,,he was the local cop, no his dog Bear was home,,, so it was a bear.

This guy was little, standing on his hind legs his nose couldn't of reached more than 4 1/2 foot high. Figured it to be about 2yrs old, later Oneson said they reported a sow with 2cubs two yrs ago in the local state game lands. So guess we have Black Bears cause the guy son works with also spotted one in his driveway same day and that's 10miles away. Don't mind sharing space with them, the problem is their habit to raid trash when they can't find enough natural foraging. This guy was after the Sunflower Seed which may of had a bit of corn in it. The easiest thing is to not put more out for a while till it moves on, it won't stay if it can't find food. Even though this is a very green area woods berries are limited to season and not very prolific at that. This also presents a problem in that I cultivate some wild berries and have just planted Gogi Berries in the garden behind the 4ft fencing to keep deer from them. (which are growing great and haven't floated away). Deer are cunning and will jump even an 8ft fence so they got planted close enough to grow though so they eat those and hopefully being unable to scan the fence and the bush width will move on. I also spray edges with repellent. It's bothersome too that Oneson is so careless (he's a slob frankly) the deer and horse grain in large rubber tubs gets spilled. Guess it means a battle with not just the wild ones but son also to keep my little garden space and a few shrubs from the encroaching critters by not luring them in. With all the rain I've nearly given up on landscaping or flowers, it's just to costly spraying deer repellent daily. Also have the books out as we use to and again wanted to keep Bee's. Now with bears in the area Honey is a invitation for trouble.

This whole experience may be
a case of my inner self projecting this event concerning my beliefs that we are all one and should live in harmony. I do love to set up events to stimulate my awareness and then practice living what I believe and preach. Thus in this new energy I'm showing myself how I must share with all on the first come first serve basis including these wild-ones who are also another part of myself in this Unified Consciousness Field. This should prove to be an interesting adventure as we the human and wild animal kingdoms set up new cooperative agreements and new boundaries in the new higher frequency of this cycle beyond 2012.

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