Thursday, May 12, 2011

Latest Update On Shift of Ages

Being aware is recognizing the Polarity of all things as we work our way up the frequency ladder in 3D, it's no different with the Internet which is both good and bad or hi/lo frequency. Light-bearers first recognized computers disturbed our human Electromagnetic Frequency keeping it low resonance, and eventually learned how to re-balance us. Then there came YouTube, tons of blogs and articles as information on 2012, and they too have a polarity opposition by going un-dated to become out-dated. Most are still out there for unsuspecting people to take as current information which it is not because our frequency is rising as we travel up the scales of this octave. Even well known people post information which has expanded since being posted, and is now outdated. Books are outdated before they go to print these days as the energy increases resonance so rapidly in each moment there is a constant upgrade. What I said a year ago has changed, as my resonance frequency expanded with more awareness. Sadly well meaning relatively newly awakened people, don't realize this is what's occurring cause their just coming into their own knowing, so they start sharing outdated information and instead of serving the greater good they set our world back a few notches on the frequency charts...

PLEASE PEOPLE Think before you share, don't just take information that
impresses and put it out there cause it's by a known person. We must take responsibility for all we do, say, and share. As a conscious chandelier for over 30 years I've blogging since 2004/5, information is never shared without confirmation and validation from a source beyond myself, cause I'm no different than anyone else I could be impressed with incorrect information or slip back down the frequency scales cause it was what was previously believe... Even though my Mouth of God is sealed and signed by Jesus/Sananda, making me exempt from infiltration by the Controllers, there are no risks taken to be part of humanities destruction. Discernment in sharing mean the difference in this Unit of Consciousness as not just a planet but a Solar System making it through the Ascension of
it's frequency or it remaining locked in the duality cycle for another 26,000 years. It's our future and to be taken Life and Death serious.

Over years there have been many upgrades in awareness as we became ready for them, this is a gradual process of 2012 Ascension Shifting of the Ages . We know what the ancients said, how in 1987 Twella described it via one called Ashtar with ET ships coming to get us, and other saying it was being taken up in the clouds, or Steve Rother description of a new Earth being formed. They are all variations of human perception at different vibrational tones of awareness. They all carry the same basic premise: This is a natural process of evolution of energy frequency and we
are soon to encounter the point where the frequency of energy leaves one octave and moves into the next Higher Octave Frequency. If the frequency resonates close enough to be in harmony if will merge with the higher octave....if not it fails the ascension and remain in it's present octave. Now there are many impressions of the Polarity battle in matter, the reality is
All Matter is Simply Vibrational Sound Waves
thus we are actually that Unit of frequency on waves ascending to a higher Octave Energy. We see ourselves as the matter but we are in truth a Unit of Consciousness on the Frequency Wave in the eternal Field of All That Is. WE move as a Unite as all is One and the idea of separateness with good/evil is a the concept held in lower 3D resonance. It is the expression of the Polarity at extremes. Much of those battles of old universes and Sirius A B and C or Nirabru are battles and takeovers are simply a 3D view in matter of how the Sound Waves move Consciousness across the field.

In 3D frequency our awareness was as separate individuals ~an Illusion~
all is the Oneness Field, and we (as a Solar System) are a Unit of Consciousness moving in oneness on the waves, and when we reach the point in the matter version of this we reach what we see as the Galactic Center in the Milky-way. This is the 12/21/2012 Trigger Point moving the Unit from one Octave to the next; or as it's shown in matter from one Cycle or Age to the next which we see as reaching the End of one and Beginning of a new. We do this as an Unit of Consciousness Frequency and this is why there is no such thing as the good get to go and the bad stay or believers go and none believers don't, or higher resonating people go and lower resonating beings stay, we are a UNIT it is All of None. This is the urgency to share the information to raise ourselves within the unit to raise the entire unit to a frequency high enough it can float the wave with as much ease as possible. In matter this means with less Earth disasters. The lower our frequency as a Unite the more stress there will be to merge with the new harmonic..and the rougher the ride will be in matter and we will be in such dis-harmonic compatibility with the new Octave (like heave metal clashing) we as a Unit may not survive and then destroy ourselves in this Octave over the next 26,000 year being so out of harmony......
So lets stay up to date people......
on 2012 we go as a Unite it's ALL or None
cause the resonance of this new Octaves Frequency we are to move into is about Oneness with the Polarity being merged at mid point (away from the extremes) were the oppositions become is a marriage of harmonic tones in balance.
aKuna Kumara

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