Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seeing Energy In Both Frequencies

These are times when information and memory come flooding into to us faster than what we can possibly process in our human mind. I realize in just having written this it's reflection in our outer world is like the pictures we watched of the Tasmania waters rush, and those of us actually watching have risen above the old perceptions to stand high enough on the ladder of consciousness to be watching the experience of this energy around us...
WoW what a view it is...
to some it's frightening and they run in fear and frustration cause they see this as the true reality and still are intent thinking themselves the me it is simply a rapid flow of energy that is rushing past me occasionally sending a splash at my feet which does not come close enough to get me wet because I am moving with it as one..
Metaphor Not Really it's energy seen un-manifested and manifest in the same moment in all it's forms..

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