Sunday, May 1, 2011

Water Tank Shower

Got a hot water shower fully clothed in the basement, but even this leaking hot water tank in the tenant house was flowing in harmony. The tank has been there maybe 25 yrs ?? Had we not gone shopping to have food for freezer in tenant house basement, their could of been a major event, rather than a dripping leek and pinhole spray the hot water tank pipe would soon would of burst shorting out the entire house electric and perhaps creating a fire. Missed it the day before, so had Oneson, when we sweep last of rain the basement had taken on, even though we'd both stood next to the tank sweeping into the sump pump. Thus, rather than complain about excessive rain it was a blessing for me creating a freezer deposit and again sweep of remaining puddles to noticed it was not rain but hot water tank. Without heavy rain situation making it to soggy to walk outside, we never would of gone shopping on a sunny day to be in the basement to notice a pipe hanging by threads waiting to become a disaster. I attribute the sequence playing out as it did to holding a higher resonance within myself which created a harmonic outcome rather than a horrific disaster. The frequency we are doesn't change the situation, (the pipe was still what it was,) but the event outcome was a more harmonic frequency. So rain everyone talked of as negative in my reality was a blessing. At the same time another opportunity for me to take the Path of Least Resistance and call the Well&Tank Plumber instead of getting hassled by allowing Oneson to replace it with repeated attempts at good solders, when the plumber does this daily and had completed replacing a new tank and extra fittings in an hour. All turning a potential problem into a peaceful high frequency event.
This is how that Law of Attraction and being in our desired Vortex works.

This is what I've been creating in my life lately and if you read last blog, situations in one instance thought to be detrimental can also be advantages, it all depends on the frequency our belief and though place upon them. Last blog mentioned Computers and UK's lost education funds, what it didn't mention were striking Teachers here in the U.S. These various events show how everything is a double edged swords, and all NEUTRAL until we place frequency on them determined by our human beliefs. Unified Consciousness of universal energy is in all things and is Neutral until it carries the frequency we place upon it from the emotion of our thought and belief as we think them into our reality. So the Computer we began thinking carried bad EMF's turned out to be a positive way to connect our oneness around the world, and the UK's lost state mandated education funds will leave room to rid the system of false attitudes of degrees and letters behind our name which label people superior to those without degrees and letters, and perhaps even create new education delivering more valued truths and less illusion. In the US maybe changes in tenure which says teachers can't be fired and perhaps looking at wages and benefits received making USA the most costly education in the world will improve it's standards to not be ranked 14th in in the world. It also will perhaps make us look at outsourcing, quality product control and pricing in the world economy that has gone into a collapse because it was based on Illusion. Then maybe next time the Well&Pump Plumber will still be able to get me a USA manufactured hot water tank or one of equal quality and not the Chinese non regulated in quality tanks they tried to ship him for the same price as USA made withquality control.

The Point here is we are moving into a new cycle, and the frequency of energy is changing and things will not be the same and we will need to evaluate them in the New Cycle as they are not the old 3D energy. Standards attitudes and beliefs are changing cause the world in mass is changing it's governments, economics, and social standards. With our first steps into this New Cycle of 2012 we need to observe from the Neutral point till we find that direction of higher frequency in all things so they can then meet our highest desired results. Many of these things we are seeing as adverse changes, are the very way we have been offered to apply change through the Path of Least Resistance in our life to transform them into harmony.

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