Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why No Rapture??

Strange times as we head toward a point when cosmic energy comes to the end of one cycle merging with new energy in the field to begin another. There are all
kinds of predictions and story lines in attempts to explain and understand it. The simplest of truths however is being overlooked. Isn't that how it so often is that we miss the truth that lays right before our eyes.....this truth is :All is Energy: vibrating an various frequencies which then determines it's's on a scale of spirit/ethnic to physical/matter. Thus what we are experiencing in this slowed state of matter is also occurring as the sped up state of energy, we just can't see the faster vibration. Kind of like spinning spoked bike wheels, when they go fast enough we can't see the spoke but see through the wheel as if the spokes weren't there. So it is we come up with stories in physical of events to explaining the energy we sense but don't see, and don't understand is the same as what we see in physical just a different vibrational speed. Now simply some of these stories will become all to real to some because we See what we Believe. Ya ~ we actually sense the energy then attach stories of it as being physical to explain feelings we sense and these actualize into the reality. So we say we create our reality and since we are part of the vaster eternal field of this energy it is created both collectively and individually. At this time we are doing this more consciously than ever before because the energy of this sphere we exist in is speeding up it's vibration, thus making us vibrate more in tune with the unseen energy. So we speak much today about Disclosure to prepare for the visual we know we are creating....this means we get what we think, so we must watch our thoughts are what we want.

We created stories and are preparing to unfold them into our awareness to become part of manifested reality. Now we can do this unfolding (or creating) with anything we want, and we turn it into good or bad cause this is a polarity sphere. What we have done is create story lines of ET's, Unidentified Flying Objects, associated with energy we feel around us that is unfamiliar (vibrating different from our vibration) and then fear it though lack of understanding, so then to explain it we have created fear based stories featuring Grays and Reptilians who abduct us and played with our physical genetics.We man even feel we are them and will become such if we hold this as our energy of belief. We bring energy into physical through these stories...Truth is this unfamiliar energy is just doing what energy like swirling dense or lighter smoke does, it merges by floating in and out as it is all One. It is all the vast eternal field of All That Is doing it's misty thing of merging if harmonic and repelling when not. But we have programed these feelings into stories of the energy being physical which then reside as our Body Consciousness vibration, and we've been doing it as long as we have been in matter. Just as we embrace the energy of stories of men in white robes as good resembling Jesus or Buddha when it feels harmonic to us. We programed ourselves to seek something outside ourselves to save us, because in physical this is how we see things, and thus create things like a Rapture to remove us from the unpleasant situations we don't understand we have created as our outer life appears real so we can experience without reservation but in reality of it's higher vibrating form it is just energy we can master the vibration of..

Now this guy who keeps coming up with dates for a rapture is working from a strong need to help humanity find it's truth. No it doesn't appear this way, but he proclaims events that never materialize and we use this to advance our seeking even if we're laughing at him. You see his proclamation and our seeking are based on our intuitive knowing that what we view as reality is a simulation. We know that the energy in this space is changing and that change will bring an end to what we know. Not an End as death to be no more just a change ending to becomes something different. The physical vibration put dates to it, not understanding that time too is an illusion of this lucid dream we simulate. In truth 12/21/2012 is only a metaphor for the frequency, some call this vibration Fibonacci numbers with mathematical codes of the various consciousness levels of vibration. When it comes to end times it shows us there can be no End cause all is an eternal field of energy vibrating consciousness at varying rates and the only end is that of a vibration when it vibrates a different frequency. In this case if we open our minds to see ourselves beyond the physical we recognize we are energy simply in the process of changing frequency of vibration and will go on as this new vibrational experience.

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