Friday, May 20, 2011

Ahhh Friday

Remember when that meant something..weekends off work, relaxing. Well if your thinkin it's better when you finally retire ~forget it. For me one day is just about the same as another, up at 5:30 by choice, daily run Oneson to work, feed horses at noon, the rest is just normal living doing fixin as it comes. What has become the rock I'm pushing up hill is the Energy....that in the outside world is very different to that in my wooded private world. For years energy in the wooded world was tops, then Oneson showed up as my nemesis preparing me for what is described as the Apocalypse at the time of shifting from one age to the next.. He's here to give me meaningful daily practice in learning to hold my resonance at it's highest and to live my beliefs not just talk them as ideals. It took a bit of doing but finally the energy is returning to what I'd call normal, it's not yet increased beyond what it had been, but it's nitching upward each day as I'm better able to hold my resonance at it's highest against all opposing energy to maintain the vortex..

Heavy thunderstorms all week, last night electric went out about 11p.m. Figuring most had gone to bed stumbled my way to the flash light, then to get candle and lighter for free hands to dial phone....No lighter....they keep growing legs, no matches something eats them, which infuriates me cause I've organized to have things in place for emergencies..nothing is ever in it's place anymore. Found matches in a remote hiding place, lit candle reported outage after changing phone to the old non electric land line, hour later electric back on. Off just long enough for this angry me to lower my frequency cause Oneson can never return anything to were he gets it. I use to be a pretty cool head, these days it's hard when always being sabotaged, as said my Nemesis. This a small thing, but one more of millions which disregard my lifestyle. But things are changing, attitudes are transforming, still these moments of unimportant events test my ability to hold my highest resonance. Last night didn't do to good when I found myself stumbling in a pitch dark house with nothing where it's supposed to be, was frustrating not having a way to light a candle and not wanting to use up all the battery power needed for barn checks outside.

This too is a test for myself....Must be ~ It's May exams in schools, so guess I'm following suite in the school taught by my Spiritual Teachers. In this last one I've improved but still got some practice to get a passing grade.
Need to crack the books on living the ideals of my beliefs!!!!!!!!.......

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