Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Worlds Within Worlds

Watching Bruce Lipton's videos posted previously thoughts began flooding my mind of Worlds Within Worlds that my unseen teachers described to me years ago. Their visions helped me greatly over the years after contracting Lyme Disease in 1992. Admittedly I'm all to forgetful about these things which are not status qua tending to go back to the old view of myself in this world according to the 3D separateness and duality. Applying their true view of me helped me to survive this bacterial attack when medication had run it's route. The true view is that all is part of ONE eternal vast Field of energy laced with Consciousness of Intelligence as world within worlds exist in inner-connectedness.

You ask what does this have to do with Lyme Disease. Well simply as it was said in the video and I've been saying to readers,
There Is No Thing Outside Ourselves.
All is inner-connected, it's thought as energy vibrating within us that creates our physical expressed experience, as well as the genetic response of our physical body because all is vibrating Consciousness Energy. So what we view as our bodies being invaded by germs or in my case the Lyme Bacteria is just an opposing vibrational energy infiltrating the space of energy that is the energy-blueprint of my Unit as an aspect of this whole field. I stopped seeing this event as physical or trying to deal with it's solution in physical when drugs didn't give an effective control; then begin viewing it as energy vibration in a battle for the space.

Now I can bring in energy which will (kill) stop this offending energy from vibrating or I can over power the offending vibration with energy that is in opposition to it by outpowering or overpowering it with vibration harmonic vibrations of my present belief and it's energy-blueprint. My unseen teachers told me some 30/40 years ago about the battle within our physical form which is really only a battle for the space by various vibrations. ..

Sound familiar like what the Humans living on this planet have done ~ and our War of the Worlds. It's like the battle stories
of other species coming to Earth and controlling and the present day Illuminati and their battle to disenpower humans. It all really only energy trying to vibrate it's own tone over other vibration. The Lyme bacteria is much like that in the space of our bodies. In the case of Lyme as the opposing energy sought to disenpower by encasing itself for protection and laying low in deep muscle tissue with a hidden agenda to come out of remission when least suspected.

As those videos scientifically explained it is not our genetic programing determining our bodies response. It's the beliefs we hold which vibrate thought to influence determining the vibration of our genes and their response. Our genes are responding to the vibration our belief. Finally I remembering all the lessons and stopped thinking my returning knee problem was a block created by me and began recognizing it was Lyme Bacteria. Then seeing it as in it's true form of vibrating energy simply state the vibration of my Belief was more powerful ~and the pain and inflammation was no longer there. So in this case it's a matter of me holding completely the belief of wholeness for my physical manifestation with no knee pain or Lyme Bacteria being present..and expanding this to no Lyme Bacteria existing in my body.....

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