Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did You Hear The Warning

The universe is presenting chaos for all of us in our own way..I'm accepting it as messages for moving into a new mindset, like this morning again for the 4th time in less than a month electric went off several hours. Once this was common, but not for years till this month and each time it happens when I am nearly ready to hit the "save" button on notepad with a great blog ~ thus greatness has been lost! JOKE ~
The other frustration is personal timing, tenant living in what was the shop/utility/bathroom side on first floor of this remodeled barn, after years of night work two weeks ago went to days, up 4am leaves at 5. This week Oneson started a job up 5am leaving 6. All this works well for them with bathroom use etc, but conflicts with my normal 5:30am rise for the constitutional, which at 69 is hard to change. Being one to feel energy the tenants movement rouses my normal sound sleep and Oneson wakes me unnaturally, all creating dis-function of bodily functions we could set the sun by. Frustrating me out of sync with nature for two weeks this electric outage came at a bad time. The plan was hit save about the time son walked out the door, coffee, make a call to the hay guy before he started his day and finally the constitutional. With electric out no base or handset phone, had to locate old land-line devise and look the number up. Plans of mice and men gone astray again missing hay guy, the world will survive but my natural schedule hasn't as I had not had the cupa yet. Finally by 9am electric back on, java dripped normal habits back into existence.

Trust me I'm not complaining really as my problems are small compared to what others are suffering. Last night an old friend I'm in tune with energetically called and we discuss universal chaos and both received messages our area would be spared physical damage other than minor earthquake activity. My joke is ~ "living on a fault" I'll end up with more valuable water front property. The electric disruption did send me to the garden completing work early to see two dehydrators would have to do double duty for herbs and Swiss Chard during prime time hours that remained in this day. A good thing as this should leave time for later crops, but timing is iffy with un-natural weather patterns and a late season, so who can really make plans. All proving there are no absolutes in the universe other than the All That Is. So another warning for me to get my butt in gear and provide some off grid solution which I've not yet done, am looking toward both gas and solar generators. The solar will serve short use appliances such as the dehydrator, coffee pot, computer or even refrigerate and the gas give a longer run time for well pump and washer/dryer. Really I must not procrastinate, this may have been my last warning and honestly I've been hearing them since nearly the beginningof my focus as humankind.

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