Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 1st Last of the Eclipse Triad

Only one eclipse remains July 1st in a powerful triad of eclipses, the energies of all three meld as instruments for releasing that which no longer serves our greatest interest. They empower us to change with their connection to a Cardinal Grand Cross which extends for eight more weeks. This is truly a most powerful time that will serve us far more than we recognize by fusion of our higher and lower self through the heart center. We will find ourselves more able to disconnect via letting go to the past which has limited us. Many will disconnect from their biological family to find they are more connected to their spiritual family as co-creators of this new earth. The path-pavers will in many ways be stepping aside or move into new roles as they take the final step into truth now that the bridge has been built. This really is where our ascension process get to be fun as the past will no longer derail us on our enlightenment forward. We are about to move into what will be an in-between space were we let go to become our authentic selves in what has been called Zero-point or the void. We will be approaching this at our own pace until October 28th of this year when it will become possible at any time to then step beyond into the new day or new octave energy which we referenced as the new dimension beyond 2012..Remember this is only a reference point or a marker for our awareness of the transformation in universal energy. In reality this is where Soul meets Body in unification which literally rewires the heart for new neural activity which enables it to become our primary control center if we have done the work which allows the rewiring to take place. The heart center will activate via DAN to become the intelligence center through feeling love with it's nerve center located in the Thymus. This will compliment the brain to take over the heart thinking as the basis of the new human species. This is something science will soon discover.
  • ***for those carrying activated DNA Love from Heart-thinking will led their lives.
  • ***for those still in transformation Heart-thinking will be more easily attained.
  • ***for those resisting change the fear will be amplified until they accept Oneness Of All making Heart-thinking possible.

This July 1st eclipse is a beneficial time for placing new ideas out there for the collective consciousness to grasp as the new energy supports these activations on the timeline. They also support our mastery of our destiny via our ability to live self-sustained lives which a a direct route to attaining our limitless potential. The energy provides support to master our feelings without emotional compromise enabling us to express our true inner joy in the human form. We find this through redefined purification of our inner frequency which determines our outer expression of physical experience....There is not greater time for to humanity than this transforming moment into ascended frequencies.

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