Saturday, July 2, 2011

Understanding Change

Understanding Eclipses....most of society takes interest in the view or the astronomy of these events, when your into astrology it's the energy it creates. The energy of an eclipse is Endings making way For New Beginnings which if used correctly are most likely to our greater good bettering life if we are able to let go. All to often we don't recognize that a situation or relationship has run it's course, this even comes to life spans. Humans have come to see the physical as the main adventure failing to remember they are energy in manifested form. Endings are not really endings at all, in reality they are energy moving in transformation be it a situation changing frequency or people changing their lives or even disengaging the physical to move into a new expanded experience in this or another focus.
This is being shared now because we are only half way through this year of major energy transformation. Some eclipses begin events that will progress to their end point at the next, and eclipse energies last for months. We are all learning in our own way to let go of the stuff or relationships that in some way have been holding us back from living our greatest potential. With the energy at hand the trick is learning to let go regardless how painful and emotional as situation my be, this letting go allows growth for our greater good even it we don't at first see it this way... There are no mistakes and we designed this years four eclipses to help transform our resonance into the highest vibrational frequency of our heart desires, the trick is letting go the tight hold that prevents the flowing movement of a new vibration to occur freely and with ease.

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