Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to Deal With A Triple Nuclear Threat

Triple Nuclear Threat - How Dangerous is it? (Part 1 of 2)Dr Kaku

Living in Bucks County Pa. years ago we fought and lost having Nuclear plants in our backyard, since I've learned and obviously so have those remaining in the area to just deal with them. They are a fact of life, like or not, and living away from them doesn't protect us from any potential harm. Air currents stream towards us from two in one direction and one in another very unlikely direction so if I'm about to go into fear now it's 30/40 years to late. My feeling is there are better ways, but we are a stupid species that thinks from aesthetics and our own passionate desires rather than wanting to face the reality of how things may endanger us or the planet. Humanity takes the easy way out due to personal selfishness, and again we became our own worse enemy. However I'm not in fear because I've vowed these things are not going to harm me or be part of my reality experience, because I create my reality from the beliefs and thought I hold. I'm here where my higher spiritual senses have chosen for me to live, so I trust the universe to see that I'll fulfill my purpose for manifesting in physical. Even with these reports and possibility being in the path of harm I will place my thought not in these fears, but in that which I desire to have manifested as my physical experience. These are the false fears the Holy Books attempted to warn us about which are testing our ability to grasp the truth of our being made in His image as the co-creators of our reality. I know I create my reality from the vibration of my inner frequency and this fear is not part of this so it will not become my outer reality experience.

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