Sunday, July 3, 2011

Experiencing Time Travel

We must remember our present day Calendar is one constructed to suit humanity, it is in no way the natural rhythm of the universal calendar. How Why did humanity removed itself from living natural cycles is hard to understand, but it was a matter of promoting a vision which was appropriate with the beliefs of the energy frequency of the cycle which 'humanity is' at that time. It's quite easy to forget time is not linear and all in the bigger picture is occurring in the same moment. It is like a movie and one choose the frame or scene they desire to experience. This is something humans are just now becoming aware of, but soon the principals will be the format for what is called Time Travel, which will allow skipping form what is thought of as one life time to another by moving consciousness from one frame of focus to another. This traveling as it's called can also be done in various periods on ones present focused life.

There are those who do this at this time, most of it is thought of as dreaming or daydreaming rather than an actual experience. Some do so as a result of meditation and others as result of hypnosis, then there are some who with little or no prompting can simply place themselves in a different frame at will. What is not realized is all can do this once the perception of linear time becomes the transformed belief. Presently humanity is of the belief this now moment is the only real reality and with the changing frequency it will be recognized there are many realities or frames to focus upon. The number is based upon the amount of different focuses which ones thought process can produced as a means to expand consciousness itself.

I'm sharing a physical existence with humanity presently lived as Sharon born in 1942 in the USA. About 25years ago several friends and I traveled consciously to the 1500's in this same area where we were members of a Native American Leni Lanpe tribe. In this focus we had no dating of years living completely with the cycles of Mother Earth's clock. Only three of us chose to fully embrace what was occurring as time travel to spend approximately a year moving back and fourth from that frame of reality to what was then the present. It was very real in a physical as well as emotional,sense, in fact one of those others no longer speaks to two of us today because of events which we experienced then. In that life I was called Redfeather Wing a male spiritual elder, we were extremely careful to not play the ego game by bringing items through time, we did not want to create some unknown altering of the time-space simply to have proof of this for self or others. For all of us the experience was as real as this moment in time is, our purpose was not to prove time travel but rather for the experience of our own progress of enlightenment by being able to function outside of the human mind based in plying ego. As enlightenment is not a game for the pleasure of ego but for the expansion of Unified Consciousness however joyful we my find it.

The value has been to share this as a true and possible facet of being human when the belief one carries of it is a valid feeling of truth. It served also to clarify much of the knowledge we each carried forward with us had not been learned from the present life but from that other time frame. It further served to clarify other knowing comes from the Unified Field of Consciousness in other various frames we experience. Today I still don't relate to clocks or calendars as time but more with the planetary rhythm of vibration. When there is a reason to experience another time frame I apparently just do, but it's not something I've yet in human form been able to apply from direct effort or thought and it is only ever done as a learning experience not just egos play for the sake of such.

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