Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Aquarian Age Detachment

Recently we discuss Letting Go or detaching from the stuff we are emotional about as humans, this is necessary if we desire to move into the new cycle frequency and see things more realistic without emotion coloring them something they aren't. Letting go of old beliefs, letting go of attachment to what we think is important in life is hard, harder yet is releasing attachment to the lives expressed by our loved ones. In 2011 there is a series of powerful eclipses creating Endings for new Beginnings in both our inner private world [Lunar] and our public outer world [Solar]. This energy says it's time for transformation ready or not, and it will keep pressing on us until we release the grip on these physical worldly things. We see this everywhere we turn - it's in social uprising with riots in the street to economic faltering, or in the loss of loved ones all to where they create a no turning back, Some of the hardest transformations are the ones we have choices in which leave us pondering past what if's and the most appropriate action in the now.

There's no "How To" book on this as we're writing it we are doing on-spot editing. We knew this book was to be written, just not the details of the chapters. This book is not subjective it's object is to teach us detachment from emotion which controls to where we can master it to our greater advantage. This process of how we apply it is capable of transforming the reality we express as our earthly experience, and completely necessary if we are to be in harmony with the vibrational frequency of this new Aquarius Age energy cycle. If you study Aquarius you'll see it's about controlled com-passionates with deep feelings being mastered so they can live their cause and walk new uncharted territory with balanced footing. I have an Aquarius Moon, so do both my remaining children. This sign may appear to be feeling-less even cold, when in reality it is far more passionate and committed than all those allowing those traits to be emotionalized becoming there backseat driver. Emotional mastery allows for clear thinking by sensing the true feelings without allowing their emotion to clog the filters of perception. In no way is it shutting down emotion, the emotion is master to not become because the feelings are registered with the intended meaning. Kind of the logical Mr. Spock thing.

Detaching from our emotion we can more clearly sense our inner feelings to respond from perception being in our own best interest. For example: my adult son tells himself what suites ego regarding his inner-actions with others till he totally believes his version of reality. Then he argues till he has you questioning your sanity in the matter..validation here is his sister remembering how even as a child he could have us questioning our sanity. He's an adult today doing this and my reaction can hit the highest peak of anger. Yesterday he seemed to be on a roll so I got prime time practice to sense my true inner feelings without allowing them to become emotional responses. "Detaching"

This is a minor thing, we can even do with major events such as symptoms indicating serious life threatening illness for self or death of loved ones,
by realizing our vibration creates our outer experience and departure from our life focus is a choice of the soul by realizing we are never gone but still exist in this space just in different vibrational frequency. These are life changing lessons transforming how we express life experiences into more harmony and peace within, which will even put us in the mental framework to become the new self healers of our manifested physical form..

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