Monday, June 13, 2011

Eclipse Energy and Saturn Effect

Past few years we've noticed and been talking about how TIME has sped up. Not only this but we are doing so many things at the same time. This is evident in the world news where there are many on going events, earth changes and disasters one on top of the other. This is what was predicted would occur as we wind down time to the midnight hour and all comes crashing in at once as we come to a screeching halt of the last of this old vibration and enter vibration of a new reach that point of the last of this old vibration and enter the vibration of a day...

It's been happening to me that I've noticed since 2004 and it has been increasing steady ever since so I've sort of become accustom to doing more in less time. Just realize how the old tenant move out before he told me he was terminating residency, and this new one is moving in before she actually takes residency...She signed end of last week and today the cable people come to hook her up and has boxes with some furniture in and will spend the night of the 14th there to meet the gas people early morning on the 15th the day she actually is to take residency. It's sort of like the faster I go the behind-er I get feeling.

In this moment I'm preparing for the energy of the eclipse...this thing of the retrograde Saturn holding us back since January felt like I got shot from a sling shot yesterday as it turned direct. Now this Eclipse on Wednesday's Full Moon should set us all in Fast Forward cause eclipses are about endings and new beginnings, so having transformed our beliefs toward relationships in our various house where it is in Libra.
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