Monday, June 13, 2011

Astrologers Take Note ~CHANGES

This coming Full Moon on Wednesday June 15th the Moon will crossing through the non-zodiacal constellation of Ophiuchus and will be positioned roughly halfway between the bright red star Antares in Scorpius and Nunki, the brightest star in the handle of the Teapot according to Astronomers. Now to Astrologers as of yet this means nothing, most have not yet chosen to change or transform their old 3rd dimensional training and beliefs to accommodate the new energy as we move into it. Sad but they are going to miss much if they choose to resist this change which is a Universal Expansion of ALL Consciousness. Ophiuchus is a 13th constellation which astrologers opted out of including in charts because the Sun spent so little time there. Well now it's spending more time there which puts this constellation as an equal to others, not only this, but with the reports of our changing earth axis it is more equal.......Time to get with it and accept that all things are transforming as this is an expansion of the Field of All Consciousness. Even astrology and the cosmic energy field is expanding as all things are energy which inner-connect and inner-act within the field that is all.

I'm seeing this new constellation of 13 zodiac signs working as a secondary overlay to the Natal Chart as the human expands it's levels of consciousness and raises vibrational frequency. Applied in the same way as we do the overlay of present daily or projected transits or relationship charts with our Natal Charts. Eventually it will become so common place we may expand it to be a facet of the Natal reading, that of course is yet to be decided most likely a few centuries down the road of the new reality in this Age of Aquarius. However, I believe there is meaning here, with these three Eclipse's and this Full Moon Eclipse which create energy of powerful change, that it should be passing over this constellation point . I'm sensing it is showing us it's now time to include the expanded consciousness of this energy that has been planted within this new reality energy which will represent the significant change in vibration.

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