Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Astrology Fun As A Tool

Astrology like many things is something you have an aptitude for or you don't, but many have interest in it and the average person knows their Sun Sign a few more their Moon Sign, so they know how they radiate and reflect in an energetic emotional sense. Today it's easy and Free to get a chart on From here you can begin to learn about yourself,understand differences between the energy in you and others, and how it reacts to the energy created by planets in any given day. The planets are a reflection of energy that we can use as guide post or directional sings. You can go to the site and do a chart for any given day for your location that day, then use this as an overlay on your own Natal/birth chart to see how the days energy will effect you. This comes in particularly handy with an event such as the Full Moon Eclipse June 15th Wednesday. Things like eclipse have special energies which denote Endings that make room for new beginnings in our life. The trick in being aware is we can be noticing to apply such energy to our advantage..One way or another the energy will create an ending to something, to use it to our advantage knowingly is better than just allowing it to unfold unknowingly. This is the difference between Mastery and feeling as if life is Fate, difference of being in tune with the new universal frequency or not.

This thing of mastery or fate is the big difference in the Old and New Age, the difference between old paradigm human belief and the new paradigm beliefs. In the old we believed life was our fate and events occurred outside ourselves, and we could only respond to them. As awareness and our consciousness rises we've come to see our outer life is really a reflection from within denoted by the vibration of energy we project as emotion, which gets filtered by our belief creating our perception of those events. With this new era awareness we now know if we change the inner us, we change our outer life experience. Because of this I'm seeing Astrology finally taking it's rightful intended place again in our lives. (most national leaders have an astrologist on call) The cosmic view is a blueprint provided so we can read and appropriately merge our personal energy with that of the day as well as with other aspects of energy (people, places and things) we inner-act with.
Example: June 15th 2011 there is a total eclipse touching the Galactic center in sign of Sagittarius. Sag is the sign of deep spirituality, light heartedness and good fortune, in my Natal chart it's the 9th house of mind expansion and philosophy, and the Galactic Center is where the new universal consciousness is radiating from. Playing this against my Natal chart and other powerful transits of the past few days I'd say the energy is in place for me to set my inner energy right to conqueror this thing of pleasing others at my expense. I will finally be able to master 'Being in this World and Not of It' to them apply it as I move into the New Cycle reality beyond 2012. Now this is good to know rather than to allow this energy to go wasted and never accomplish this that I've been consciously aware of hindering me. This is a powerful time for me that could be lost forever if the energy is not taken advantage of now.

This doesn't mean we should live by astrology, it means we and use the energy when it's there or wait till it's more appropriate to do something cause it then will have less resistance. These are directional signs to use along the way not iron clad does and don't. They say best be conscious of this now rather than get busy and try to put it in place next month after the fact. It's just another way in which we make available knowing the energy of the Unified Univresal Field that is All Things.

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