Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Expansion for the Eclipse

Wow sometimes I'd like to bang my head against these stone walls of my physical home. Today I replied in a comment and about five minutes later realized how my own perception suddenly expanded exponentially regarding what I'd said. Think the energy of this eclipse has made it possible.

For years I've believed there is no good/evil right/wrong only that which is different from the frequency I vibrate; and my frequency is based upon the belief held in my heart center which says we either express from the polarity of the Greater Good of All to being Self Serving. Also that I am an Aspect of the Source of All That Is expressing in my individual way so that Source of Unified Consciousness can be continually experience all things to be expanding. The clincher I'm still human, so as such I am so totally programed to see a directional based upon Greater Good of All being good and Self Serving being evil. Suddenly it just hit me this too is judgment when the real issue is not that but how perception places us into the Unity Consciousness Field as a vibrational harmony...It takes all vibrations in some form of harmonic acceptance to make up the Universal Symphony...There is no good evil to it as one is needed just as much as the other to complete wholeness. This is why we are a Polarity Reality in the first place.The problem with this realization of total acceptance of all is, that it's going to make it really hard living with and relating to the limited thoughts we humans impose upon ourselves as the All That IS God Source moving in only one direction which we think of as higher good better, when in truth the movement is exponential in all directions equally for the sake of expressing Unity Consciousness ..
Now this will take some real contemplation so it can be applied in this dimensional reality.

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