Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cancer New Moon Eclipse To Come

We are in the midst of 3 very powerful Eclipses this month June 1st &15th July 1st. They are all combining intense energy signifying decisions and endings to create new beginnings. These are so powerful they are not just personal to individuals they are effecting governments and businesses in a huge way unlike what I can ever remember seeing before. Some of this is presently in news more will be.

Each is an emotional (MOON) happening according to where it falls in our Natal Chart. Emotional happenings aren't necessarily sad or detrimental, they can create endings with very happy advantageous conclusions, tears of both emotions are possible, even those we view as sad can be the best thing for us if we seek the good offered around the corner. They will provide insight into our relationship to the world through inner transformation of beliefs, this goes for business and government too. Example:
**10th daughters company division closed, has part time job~married w/children
**9th son completed secondary job,12th lost main job~exchanges work to live here
Born 3yrs apart in different months.
**A Wayshower I lost tenant in April and signed new one June 9th, same time I gained income they lost theirs, I was preparing same day to move son out legally, odd events prevented it. He ended his drinking and has transformed attitude like I've never seen before. I'm sensing he was offered some insight about his attitude from others much like I've offered up. Daughter I sense has more coming?
These eclipses are playing hell turning our lives upside down, but they appear to be creating ending and opening up beginning to greater advantage if we are willing to let go of old beliefs we hold and apply new ones for greater expansion. This type events will occur over the next few months in your natal chart house area. There is also another facet to these eclipses...Things that are not necessarily true. Such as with famous people being blown out of the water and covert controls, economy,Sun Flairs decreasing instead of increasing, off planet invaders, medical findings, there is a wide range of topics. Indication is all have truth to a degree but much is distorted. This means don't believe what you see or hear at first encounter, give the emotional dust time to settle so you can view the big picture more clearly. This was indicated by my attempt to legally have son evicted, had I it would of been a disaster for both of us as things weren't what they seemed.

Below is the last of the three eclipses ~ this one is Cancer New Moon July 1st..It will manifest what we need from the past and eliminate what we don't need. For me one thing is communication with son who has always been on the defensive with my words. I've actually seen this changing the past two days.

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