Friday, June 10, 2011

New Perspective on Mayan Calender

Came across this latest interview of worth. A few years ago studied the Mayan Calender following it long enough to recognize it is valid. This is actually more based upon Universal Energy flow of Consciousness than numerical ticking off of minutes and seconds. It is one of many things we have presented to humanity at this time to make us aware the energy of our Solar System is in transition and if we are to be in harmony we must seek to transform our resonance of awareness to meet it's tone. All in this universe is energy vibrating at various frequencies of tone, and much like our music we are moving up the scales to vibrate in a different octave. It's been called the Shift of the Ages as in astrology the astronomy shows our crossing the center of the galaxy from our view point here on Earth, which changes the frequency of energy in this new position we will be in.Presently there is still debate on 12/21/2012 or 10/28/2011 being the end date of this calendar...For me I'm seeing as 2011 being a period much like were we are in limbo so all can catch up to itself in this reality and we will be given this period till 2012 in which to do it. It will be much like that moment the clock hand reach 12 and we see them glitch forward and back before the actually tick to that next second past the midpoint. Anyway just my perception. This video is Dr.Callemans view of what is happening I concur with. It's worth the watch and we will continue over the next few blogs to connect other events he speaks of like a comet.At Present there are many end time dates including the IChing .. I don't see any as a moment in time for an End or Beginning Event, but rather a process that takes place over a period of time in which we expand and these different events in Cosmic Energy helping to move our evolution along to end one perception and begin a new one for human reality experience. How we see it is in accordance with our beliefs and perhaps even our religion.
So you have the following end of the world dates;
Mayan calendar__________ Oct 28,2011
Bible__________________ Oct 21,2011
Comet Elenin /planet X_____ Oct 17,2011
To gain more insight this video is worth the watch.

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