Saturday, June 11, 2011

Building Our New World

Remember back February 2011 it was mentioned we entered the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar. No you don't need to follow it to believe it, what's not to believe it's a calendar based on Consciousness Energy progression, different from the day calendar the world uses which even if we don't know the date we believe exists. Following and Believing are to different things, just like religions you don't have to adhere to it to believe it exists. When I think of things this way I begin to see how mans mind has become so clouded about who he is and what these times are all about. We read hear and watch things on TV and it all speaks of the same time but from a different view or belief, and this causes much confusion so debate begins and we never get to correlate these things to find they are like viewing a statue by walking around it where you see the back and then the front if you do this, if you don't move you will see only the one side, and the two never will look the same so you'll never see them at the same time and be in conflict forever about the content you view. The Ninth Wave is that point in time when we hoist ourselves up to look down on the whole bigger picture of the statue to see these are just different views of the same thing. It's a period where the Wave Length of Energy increases to a vibration 20 times faster than any we've ever experienced. The previous wave length took 12.8years to complete, this 9th wave is only 260 days from 2/2011 to 10/2011 meaning life happens so fast it increasingly overlaps. Presently we are experiencing any number of hugely important events around the world to the point we hardly know which direction to place our attention. Is it Joplin's devastation, Radiation in Japan, Spain's freedom revolt or Egypt's, the economy and jobless situation or politicians corruption, or the food industry laced with e-coli or food shortages? Major changes are going on around so fast we can't grasp them to stop them and they're clogging our minds till we can hardly think as we really are dealing with all of them at once. It's the beginning of our seeing how all really does occur at the same time and linear time is just illusion. No you can't deny this Energy of the Ninth Wave does exists even if you know nothing of any Mayan Calendar.

Taking all this further you may not be concerned by politics in Spain, Egypt or the Mid-East, but you are being effected by it because we are a Unified World Economic Culture and the events of the day are culminating to collapse the individual lifestyles we all know. It's creating CHAOS and it's only out of chaos that new beginning are born and we'll be forced to unify to accomplish it. This too is what the Ninth Wave of Planetary Energy is. Native American cultures call it the Great Purification because the chaos clutters our minds to the point we simply shut it out, like working the clay of the statue which became so overworked and tainted we simply choose to trash it and start over again...This is the End Times spoken of (we purify) to create new Beginnings in Unity Consciousness,as the one thing the Chaos leave behind is awareness that we all are in this process of life together.

The 8th Wave lasted 12.8 years, counting back it began January1999 to February 2011, this 9th Wave is 20 times faster vibration, we entered it in February 2011 until October 2011. I describing this as the 'Beginning of the End of the Shift ... meaning this is the last phase and with it we purify by ridding ourselves of old ways old beliefs, to begin building a new support system for new frequency of consciousness. I personally see February to October 2011 as breaking down of old to be "Pure" when we begin from October 2011 to December 2012 as the time to gather tools and clay to be used after December 2012 to build our new creation.

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