Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturn Releases It's Anchor

Presently planetary energy has us taking stock of our lives and how we must transform our beliefs to be in harmony with the New Cycle vibrations. Saturn the taskmaster has been retrograde since January 25th (retrogrades are time for reflection and with this planet it symbolizes limits, aging, and past or karma) so has graced us with time to contemplate our deepest darkest issues in these areas within the guide lines of the house which it occupies in our natal chart gaining insight into our ideals and our idea of authority in all our relationships. Saturn represents our foundations and defense mechanisms During this time Saturn traveled from 17degrees to 10degrees Libra..

Today June 12th it goes direct, and we should begin to fee the constructive energy of putting things into place now. Decisions as to the direction these things will be going will come to us more flowing. Much of Saturn's energy has been directed at relationships, the ones we live with day in and day out. We've seen many things more clearly regarding them and now will be forced to decisions as how we want them to play out in our lives beyond this time and now can put that into play. We may not be aware of it but we all are working on aligning with people who are solid and reliable and of like mind to us or compatible with how we are expressing this life we experience physically..

Saturn retrograde in Houses of your Chart:
1st House
Needed to redefine yourself. It could be physical losing weight or spiritual,need to establish boundaries. You look inward
2nd House
Retrograde indicated need to redefine your material, emotional and moral values. Turning inwards, you are not only forced to identify what you hold most dear.
3rd House
The need was to reorganize your thought processes (day to day thinking)
including how you communicate with others on a daily basis.
4th House
There was a call to restructure your innermost self and redefine your domestic obligations. balance? where may you be paying too much attention and slighting family.
5th House
Had you redefine how your ego expresses itself creatively and with other people Have you ignored your talents? What you use to gaining attention?
6th House
You've been redefine your health, work ,daily routine. What habits or activities draining your energy?
7th House
You've been redefining your significant one-to-one relationships(marriage,
friends, partnerships). What are the relationships purposes and are they moving you in the direction you want to go?
8th House
Indicated need to redefine how you handle power to pursue your desires. Do you dominate or surrender?
9th House
Has been redefining your beliefs and attitude towards life.
10th House
Redefined professional goals and your position in the world.
11th House
There was a need to redefine personal goals and our innermost wishes?
12th House
Re-evaluated and redefined your subconscious beliefs. Psychological limiting beliefs that may be holding you back?

Now with Saturn direct you can release any undermining thoughts and behaviors to move forward for your greater good.

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