Sunday, June 26, 2011

Timely Transformation In Progress

I keep wanting to post a blog but it seem futile as my mind just isn't with a flow of single thought but many. You don't want this clutter as I'm still busy organizing it in priorities. These are the signs of the times as all things are happening at once, as in the truth outside this reality perception there is no linear run of things but all occurs in the moment of now. It is always Now as no-thing is actually physical but rather essence exists to perceiving the thought it is focused upon into a perception of physical. Knowing this helps to expand the human mind, but at the same time isn't much help in living this human perceived linear life, however it does help us understand where we are headed. I sense this feeling is that which is coming with the Shifting at 2012 that we label zero-point. It's where time and space meet and in the moment vibration stops as we switch gears to move away from rather than towards this point. Zero-point which is like the position of 12clock. We are almost there after centuries of progressing toward it. The moment will come for each of us when we meet the moment of zero-vibration to move beyond and away from that marker as we move beyond the Piscean Age into the new cycle energy of the Aquarian Age.

I don't know how others are handling it, but for myself I've been avoiding getting involved in Belief Systems in an attempt to help my physical mind expand openly and freely without more limitations carried in beliefs which contain their rights and wrongs. In this new cycle all will come to recognize there is no one right truth, but the truth each one of us carries is right for us as an experience expressed for expanding the unified consciousness we are as the All That Is. The less I put things into physical reference the closer I come to feeling myself being this unified field of energy of consciousness which reacts upon being observed. It's really odd how science is now validating what spirituality has spoken for years, and with this physical proof we are more able to expand our spiritual vision from within. This once again just proves how all is One inner-connection acting within the whole.

Today I'm doing multi-tasking ~
#Going over the persona or intention codes of energy in the cosmic bodies.
#Seeking more application of the knowing Bruce Lipton Ph.D teaches about how thoughts and beliefs create the response in our physical cells for healing and keeping us physically whole.
#In the effort of transforming mind-thinking to Heart-thinking
Ya vastly different subjects from all appearances, but in truth the codes for how the physical works can also be found in the cosmos and the present transits are propelling me toward more awareness of this as Pluto energy drives us to let go by eliminating physical attachment to beliefs so consciousness can be expressed more clearly within our vibration. In other words it's connecting me to the vibration of the cosmic codes so they become part of my own vibration here in physical form. This is part of my effort to cease mind-thinking and move into the heart-thinking where thought is no longer necessary and only the vibration holding the thought need be sent fourth as Love is expressed.

It's a wow day as the weather is less humid but warm ans sunny and all this is going on within me as I'm working with Mother Earth and together we are creating new perception for our reality.

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