Friday, June 24, 2011

Transformation to Heart - Thinking

Those into Lightworker or Astrology sites know how powerful the energy of these present 3 series eclipses and solstice are, it's as close as consciousness gets to being propelled out of a cannon into what they term the "Ascension Shift of the Ages". It's an energy fusion of our higher and lower selves at our heart center which will disconnect us from our tricky disillusioned human ego past. It's why we've been saying it's time to disengage from the human emotionalism to live the experience of being 'in this world but not of it'. These energy's take us to a place where we are no longer our human past as descendants of our biological families. We now recognize we are co-creators of the new earth and descendants of the Unified Field of ALL focused in an experience of this time space continuum as aspects of this Consciousness Field of All Oneness.

We are at the point of our final roll in ascending the vibrations. This is were our real fun begins because we get to create our reality from a clean slate by focusing solely on present without derailment from past memory or what we call karma. Past is becoming less meaningful like a hazy dream we're not sure even happened. We are about to entering the space we call the now-moment, zero-point, or the space between thoughts or between the breath, as we are in the last phase to becoming the proverbial empty vessel. This eclipse energy has delivered us to the space required to completely purify so soul meets body and we can Think With Our Hearts. This energy rewires the heart for a neural activity enabling the heart center to become our primary control center. Science has shown us our heart is really wired so it sends and receives intelligence in the same way our human brain does with the nerve center located with the Thymus. This allows us to feel first and think later. The transformation from brain thinking to heart thinking is literally the blueprint of the new super human species.

Those with this activated DNA will lead with love. Those still undergoing change will find thinking from the heart becomes easier, and those who have resisted or are not awaken to see all comes from within will have fear amplified to be chasing earth events trying to save themselves until the entertain the vibration of heart. This last eclipse July 1st is the time to present new awareness ideas into the mind of the collective, as this energy supports the timeline of Unity Consciousness. The remainder of this year we will be supported to complete learning control of our destiny via how we control our beliefs and thought which thru heart-thinking will become a direct avenue to our limitless potential as the energy of all these events meld as our instrument for releasing that which no longer serves our greater potential. The Cardinal Grand Cross lasts another 8 weeks, use it well during the Ninth wave of the Mayan Calendar the period of Universal Consciousness which is rapidly coming to pass and will end 10/28/2011 when we are at the so called Zero Point and in a limbo of sorts living the Moment-of-Now with a total ability to create our reality from the vibration within as belief and thought. This was shared months ago as this energy period began so we could all be aware of what was to aspire.
It is at it's apex now before completion in four months.

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