Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vibration and the Chosen Ones

For many years I did what is called channeling, a process where one gets messages in their minds eye/ears of a profound nature which they were previously unaware of in their physical mind. In the past it was called prophecy and looked upon as some rare gift...It's Not...each and every one of us has this ability as a natural facet of our being, we simply have for so many years been told it is something of only the chosen ones that we fail to accept we all can do this. There are no Chosen Ones, we are all equal in the eyes ofthe Source of All Things, or God if you prefer, it is more a matter of accepting we are all connected via soul aspects of the whole and can tap into this consciousness of the whole when we allow. For a long time I'd make reference to this information coming to me from a source outside myself such as a Group, Saint or Ascended Master, it took years to evolve awareness recognizing this is just another part of me, not being something separate, but me (all us) being One with the Whole and this being available at all times according to our vibration. WE are all ENERGY VIBRATING at a frequency or level of awareness.

Perception regarding this expands or evolves to recognize this is part of the whole we all access according to the level of consciousness we can integrate as frequency. It has nothing to do with intelligence of being chosen it's all about the vibration we are as a frequency from what we choose to accept a beliefs expressed through our heart center of feeling.. All is the same Unified Field of Consciousness which vibrates at different frequency depending on it's awareness or what we call beliefs of thought. The idea of naming that aspect of the whole which messages come from is simply our need to have this presented in a manner we can accept as valid in our human mind. Eventually we actualize the idea of ourselves being a manifested aspect of this Energy Field and not separate beings. Saying we believe this and living the belief from our heart are not the same thing, but different levels of understand or awareness. Once recognizing we are energy of varying frequencies we are able to accept the level of information received being from a certain level vibrational frequency we refer to as the Archangel Michael frequency, the Christed frequency, or the Seth frequency of consciousness. Knowing it's not an actual being as such, even though many beings manifest from this level of Vibrational Frequency. This is why some channel Elies or Seth and others Thoth or like myself Sanat Kumara,, it depends on the level of enlightened awareness one is prepared to expand in as consciousness energy, this expansion is why we are always changing to channel different frequencies as we evolve.

You might wonder why I have blogged this..It's simply for those who are prepared to accept it into their awareness, as many have had it with the idea of Chosen Ones and are ready to accept more expanded truth of self as all being equal in the Whole but of differing frequency. This goes hand in hand with the present energy of humanities desire for Freedom by releasing the Limitation of Control we have held ourselves under during this past Piscean Age. We are now ready for the unique Aquarius freedom of responsibility through self governed control of the vibration we express as manifested aspects of the One.


Dion said...

aKuna Kumara - There seems to be a big increase in the channeling I hear online. At least the place I hear the channeling (Komurosan on YouTube) has increased big time. Is this because we are so near (days) to something like a paradigm shift?

aKuna Kumara said...

Yes so many are raising their consciousness vibration connecting to Higher Self. Here though use discernment as these messages also are at various vibrations not all the highest and some still very attached to human ego and physical which see things as created outside ourselves, the new energy is a knowing that all comes from within to create our own perception of a reality experience