Friday, June 17, 2011

Unity Consciousness Unfolding from Peas

It's become habit to listen to the weather report first thing each day. common when the days activities depends on weather. This puts you in the space of recognize Earth's changes. Also puts you in-tune with vibrations of the earth, can't remember the last time I used an alarm clock to wake as it's natural to awaken with rising sun. Want that job of weatherman, you never have to do it right, honestly they are so hit and miss it borders stupidity with all the scientific equipment they use to calculate and my grandpa ol knee was far more accurate.

Yesterday got scattered showers, so far the showers have been real rains. Each night we also get a long period of serious rain. Last night it began about ten and went through till sun rise with heavy down pours and rumbling thunder that woke me. Once again garden too wet to work till late afternoon. Thankfully Oneson suggested raised rows which we've never done before. They tend to drain faster, need that this year. Lost Beans and Snow Peas to rot. Planted more, but this cuts out a second planting. Yesterday Oneson got into doing something he read years ago on planting Potatoes in tires. While I worked with less time to be enjoying the woods, tenants hid their old tires under brush rather than pay to discard them. Don't understand this as any tire dealer I've ever gone to took them for free. Have tires piled, been putting off taking them to the local tire dealer or calling for pick up..So there they were sitting. Now tires aren't pretty stacked, but they're in the back of garden. They supposedly work great for potatoes as you add a tire of soil when you see green potato's pop to the surface. Harvesting is easier as you just pull the tires apart and the dirt and potatoes falls loose, saving digging them which is hard on the back, this method also helps drain all this rain to prevent rot. We're trying it and son seems enthusiastic about his gardening tricks.

While much of the outer world is rebelling against controls, some like myself are concentrating on eliminating that old paradigm thinking of controlled efforts against weather by learning to work= "WITH" Mother Earth to adjust to changing temperatures and weather conditions. It's a battle of a different kind but one necessary in each individual area of the world as nothing is what we were accustom to. This is no longer the human mind against nature for survival of food stuff, this is where we unite with the Mother the Elements and Plant Kingdom as we are not separate from them, but One with them. This is Unity Consciousness in it's basic form so all aspects can sustain manifestation in this physical reality we call Earth. As I sat in the garden yesterday resting I clearly heard the tomatoes suggest plastic domes again for extending the season and then the peas popped in with go with hydroponics since it's being forced on you.... Wow.. what a thought, merging the principals of hydroponic gardening with standard farm gardening so all survives!!!!
Pea Consciousness at it's best

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