Sunday, July 31, 2011

Earth the Living Library for ALL DNA

Are you aware Earth is a Living Library? This is what she was designed to be by the ALL THAT IS. It is a beautiful design situated at the edge of a galaxy, easily accessed but not in the midst of traffic. It was placed in what as deemed a Free Will Zone allowing it to evolve as it would on it's own to be what it would become. Each aspect of consciousness of the ALL was given permission to place what it desired of itself in this library so it would never be lost to knowing. There were untold numbers who used this depository for it's species DNA, and play a part in developing this glorious planetary designed by ALL evolving out the self love of each aspects desire to preserve itself. It evolved into a symbiotic harmony on it's own with richer treasures than ever previously known. This Library became representation of the glory of the Divine ALL THAT IS. Do you sense how glorious this plant is, it is what you call, God incarnate! Can you understand now why ALL consciousness is attracted to it as it is the ALL existing as symbiotic harmony.

Many essences who destroyed their own space with greed of taking without equal giving, soon wanted to rob this energy space of it's riches or have domain over it as their own. There have been untold battles to stake claim over this library, with failure to remember the frequency of the library design was created with Free Will. Regardless of what is presented in this energy space the Free Will frequency will always come to rise on it own as dominant, because each deposit into the library has been given with energy of Free Will, adding to this
frequency creating more Free Will. This is why the plant kingdom grows to over take, it's why the animal kingdom over runs, why the mineral kingdom tries to control, and it's why humankind is presently fighting for freedom from those who limit it's expansion to become more. This Free Will sector of creation is designed to evolve with Free Will and will always seek with Will to be Free.

What we call the Shift in Consciousness is the ongoing effort to be rid of the realities which do not exist as Free Will. This is why we say we seek to return to our roots, going back to nature, balanced equality, because we will always seek the Free Will natural frequency in harmonic balance of Love with which the library was created. The earth and all features existing on her are alive. All is it's own DNA deposit. Trees are beings on another planet space, as are the rocks the crystals and the birds and fish. All DNA deposits from this and other universes are stored here in the library for safe keeping to develop in Free Will. YOU the human DNA agreed to be the Steward of this treasure. YOU must now re-tune the harmonics of this symphony which is out of balance, creating a new harmonic in the present evolved state. The harmonic is always changing as it is always evolving to become more and as it does the Steward is to bring it into balance every time that balance goes amiss from less than equal Free Will for the ALL contained herein. When humankind can sit with a flower and discuss for an hours or feel the pain of the tree's broken limb and cooperatively set boundaries for space with the critters, and hear the words of the four legged fur child, only then will the balance of equals to harmonize in Free Will be re-established in a harmonic of new expanded frequency.

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