Monday, August 1, 2011

Experiencing Another Focus

When we say Earth is a Living Library we are actually saying there are extraterestials among us. We have been living with those from the stars just as many recognize their own origins are from the stars. The tree is a being in some other reality focused in a life of it's own just as you. The rock or the crystal are beings of a different design in a focus somewhere else in space time. Every living thing in this library derives from the uniqueness of DNA structure from another creation both physical and nonphysical, which has been deposited in this space time to evolve by adaptation to be what it must to survive this environment frequency. This planetary energy space is truly the repository for universal energy and thus the treasure of our galaxy.

This lesson came to me years ago during meditation. I was quietly sitting alone in the living room and took a inner journey passing that watery barrier from one dimension to another, much like in the movie the Abyss. Entering this different space I was suddenly in ultra slow motion and could see the trees in a vast field moving their branches like arms and their raised roots like feet repositioning. It was much like watching a plant grow in time lapse photography. The tree greeted me with sound but I could not quite gather it's words but understood it was telling me all are one and all equal in their own domain, which humans have forgotten to remember. With this I saw the birth of a new sapling and watched as the parent tree bent to protect it from scorching sun and blustery winds. I watched as the tree became huge and old and it's roots withered weakening until it lost footing and fall over. Then saw the essence of it's life force rise into the ether's merging with the All That Is and felt it float around me cuddling me in it's love expression. It was Powerful. Somewhere deep within I also carry memory of being a crystal living in sand at the base of a cave, peering out over a sandy expanse where two suns rose over the mountains. As this crystal being the sand blowing on the wind was painful as it hit my surface. I experienced anguish and loneliness when my mate was covered in a sand storm and could no longer experience heat of the sun with me each day. There has never been any doubt in my mind this was another aspect of me in another reality focus. Thus messages all is One and Earth is a Living Library and the treasures of the universe are housed within her energy have always rung true to my knowing.

We have offered ourselves a most wonderful gift in being able to share the knowledge stored in the stones by feeling it in our bones. Now is the time for each to spend a few moments in nature reaching out to hear it speak, sharing it's wonders with us so we can know the oneness All Is and our purpose for expanding in Unity Consciousness.

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