Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Moon Anger Teaching Love

Presently we are experiencing some odd energies...they by design are pushing us toward a new way of thinking. Why? cause this new way is part of what the raised consciousness human is to become. There's a group which talks 'love and light', which in no way is what being enlightened with higher frequency is forget the woowoo stuff. It's alright to feel anger provided we apply it productively for our greater good. What we are become is advanced humans, not doing away with our existing emotional structure, but learning to "master" it to our greatest advantage to create a new harmonic in this time-space we are One with call Earth. To master anything we must practice it, be it golf painting cooking or loving all as being One with our unified self. Mastery isn't easy or it wouldn't be called Mastery defining the highest point one aspires to.
Example: ya again
I've had many lessons the past few years on this heart thinking , which this new moon energy is providing for us to learn from. At first I didn't realize heart thinking was what I was learning, thought I was just learning acceptance. I'd chosen parenting which promoted attitudes of Judgement a Polar Opposite to Acceptance. Realizing my first born son followed in his fathers foot steps of destructive drinking, I was more than a little angered and desiring to change this. It was work learning to live and think from my heart and my mind together. It's not a matter of loving him as my son, but learning to love for who he is as a being. It's learning to accept this as his path, but not allow it to effect my frequency. Here the big lesson is detaching from the filters of our own beliefs which create judgment of others actions and their outcome. This was a long process of learning because of a mother choosing her first born to learn from by living as adults in the same space. This struggle is the catalyst for my learning to think from both my heart and physical mind at the same time...merging a two brain process just as we have merged the right and left brain. This is the merging or a balancing of the polarities we have spoken of many times. Mastery here is Loving (not as my offspring) but as the aspect he is with acceptance of all his warts but detaching from those I do not want as part of my frequency.

This long process has created a new higher harmonic in the space we share, as my frequency is not influenced by that of the outer world. This is what's meant by "Rising Above It", weather the It is drinking noise disasters or government control, we as a energy frequency are not affected by the lower frequencies of chaos in the outer world. This is ascending or raising ourselves up, mastering ourselves in the form of being physical humans.
We do not have souls, we are souls, we have bodies..we are learning to master them.

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