Thursday, July 14, 2011

Energy Connections With Our Pets

Sharon Mendenhall and Tracy Marshall shared a link on FB with this wonderful sync.
Many times creatures that are connected to you intimately, as what you view to be or express to be pets, mirror elements within yourself. They shall reflect back to you your own creations that you create within your reality. At times, they shall be offering expressions to you for your information and noticing. Elias - 246

Several days ago I mentioned my daughter at 42 finding out a rash is Psoriasis. She had me research it for her as the medical team she visited offered little help and gave her Steroid to take which she knows better than to do except as a last resort. One doctors research says he felt this was caused by Leaky Gut Syndrome or a similar condition where the body fills with toxins to the point they must escape through the skin our biggest organ. Now it's not the disease that carries importance but it's connection to her horse, one of many she's had but by far the one she's cherished more than any-other which came to her via special means. In 2010 he was rushed to surgery as his intestine had burst sending the toxic waste through his body, he departed this realm. Several days after she received a phone call from a friend she'd not seen in years who had no knowledge of this or her even having a horse. She called with a message from a spirit horse who had told her she must tell daughter she is full of pesticides and must cleanse now. That he(the horse) had been taking the energy of them for her, but could not continue since he was no longer in physical and she must care for her own body. The he skipped off on all fours singing "Legs Go Legs Go".. His name was "Leggo"

Of course daughter heeded his message by detoxing and a Colonosapy which was a waste since she continued to eat market food and use popular market body preparations. Today needless to say she is again detoxing having trashed all the body products, and visited the Organic Food Store
to restock with pesticides free products and food.

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