Friday, July 15, 2011

Full Moon Dilemma

The eclipse energy is pressing heavy on us during this Full Moon, it's like an elephant sitting on us creating depression from restricted energy flow. This is enough to slow/lower energy vibrations. Then of course when you turn to the web and blog inboxes with the same people posting doom&gloom, bad news from around the world, unhappy lives, anger at the world and predictions of that which has not yet occurred thus not real, you feel like you just want to pull the covers over your head and wait it out. Honestly even science and the gods of the medical community are telling us how thought creates what we experience which effects the way our cells react, so unless we desire a world of doom and ill health why do we perpetuate these thoughts for others or ourselves and why do we continue to accept that as our reality. Changing our thoughts won't change the situation, but it changes our frequency and how we see it and relate to it as an experience.

We can be aware of all the basic chaos in the world and can choose to hear read and dwell on it in depth, or we can knowing of it can love all in that creation for the part it plays in creating the new beginning from these endings. Wearing Rose-colored glasses no, the darkness of the tinted glass changes because our love light brightens it from within vibrating the darkness away.

This really hit me having typed it...these past few nights Oneson has come home from work to do work around the place to my benefit for a change, then got into his stuff encountering me just long enough to be nasty without cause. Last night was a topper and I couldn't sleep. Knowing eclipses are ending for new beginnings I know the path which is set out in the old paradigm (throw him out to remove that energy), but still question what the new beginning is meant to be (not for him but me). I'm of a mind to not cut my nose off to spite my face because the outcome is meant to be the lesson learned not proving a point. Thus simply allowing him to burn his own candle down to nothing will darken his space, but not darken my light within.

The idea I was bothered enough to
not sleep says I've not yet fully detached. It's only our ability to completely detach from the emotionalism of the outer world around us that we will create the peace within us to hold the highest resonance we can attain that transforms the tint of our glasses.

My natal Saturn and Uranus are 29 degrees so the grand cross and eclipse are about as rough as they can possible be for anyone.

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