Monday, July 11, 2011

In Some Reality It's All True

"In some reality it's all true"...
Higher consciousness

Yes if we create our own reality then everything we read or view is someones real reality experience. This statement above from HC rang out loud and clear after reading a blog and traversing some videos and then other peoples far out reports. I use the term reports because they claim them to be statement on events experienced by others. Like for instance the astronauts when landing on the moon stating it rang like an empty metal ball a long time after??? unless we were there we could not state this to be true and if that was stated by those present was it really the sound of an empty container ringing or echo's in gravity free space from the metal of their ship touching down. There is someone who will believe it and move on to claim the moon is a hollow object constructed of some kind of metal belonging to and occupied by our galactic brothers. Some even claimed that Earth humans have colonies there. As said 'in someones reality it's all true'. In someones reality every shinny object in space in a ship operated by an ET's, to other it's just part of all that space garbage we humans are responsible for which gives a distorted view of moving back and fourth as it enters our view with sun light flashing on it..."In someones reality each is true". There are as many different view, beliefs and realities as there are people on this planet and all are the truth each individually experiences or will find experience in creating it as real.

We can even take the Holy Books or those written on history or prophesy and back-up our beliefs with what we view as events or statements in the past, how ? Cause we create our reality and in it we can create formats to insert into the framework of our reality to qualify our beliefs so "In our reality they are real". We can easily do this as time is not linear, time in truth is all occurring at once, we just perceive it as progressive from past present to future; And we all know the only real time is Present as past and future are simply facets within our mind. We are such capable co-creators of our own reality we can create physical artifacts into reality to clarify our beliefs...We are amazing beings and we are just beginning to write the first chapters which will clarify this in it's own time for us.

With the new cosmic energy sphere we are moving into, we are going to more clearly see this new perception of ourselves in relation to our sphere of collective reality. In the past we had a collective and individual realities that agreed to disagree, in this new cycle we will see how individual beliefs create individual realities to exponentially expand the Unified Consciousness we all One with. "In some reality it's all true" and to be in harmony we will accept this format of create our world reality of our own design,

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