Sunday, July 10, 2011

Truth of the Aloha Spirit

For a few years I've been into Ho'Oponopono since I first blogged about it back on Y360'.Since then I've attempted to intuitively understand it. and as I did have always stumbled over the idea of forgiveness, knowing all things have a purpose whether we accept it or not.We've all done things we are not proud of or we didn't mean to do, but the idea of seeking this to be forgiven just didn't play with me. Forgiveness was never asked of the other person and they are not involved other than in how we perceive them, forgiveness was asked of self for having created this via our thought. It's not that I don't feel regret, I simply don't feel anything can be turned around by forgiveness, it seems like a shallow meaningless gesture when what we need do is change our thinking so we never create this thing again.Our changing is the only way to create something better. Thus I have felt sadness over what my thinking via beliefs created and out of love of all which is part of me I seek to improve upon my ability to Love in a Divine manner all things.

So when I came upon this video I was truly over joyed as it instantly brought me back to my roots or the root of a prominent focus I have experienced that this belief comes from.There has always been a strong remembrance of Lumeria and Mu in my consciousness.So it is I've have been able to return to the intuitive understanding of Ho'Oponopono Love.

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