Friday, July 8, 2011

New Reality of Health and Healing

Today seems to focus on physical health according to early scan of blog sites with numerous posts regarding health and remedies and FDA controls. I qualify this because when I woke the one thing that hit me was how one knee ached and the other felt totally healthy. (like having one foot in each world ~ and I know both need to be in the new reality) My knees have over the past months received much much we are what we think and pain seems to be drawing attention to my knees being a source of exhaustion. There are reasons here formed in emotional body. I'm seeing this as me telling me it's time to recognize "enough is enough" if all those who have been resisting just now woke up it's their problem, and these Johnny Comelately's will have to grab our coat tails and we'll try dragging them through the doorway, but they've got to do the holding on cause we've no time to stop for them now, it's time for us to be responsible for only ourselves in these final moments. It's each man for himself and even though all are other parts of us, each individual aspect of the whole is responsible for it's own expression of expansion.

What's this have to do with health? WELL ~ healing remedies modalities and FDA controls hold no place in this new energy paradigm reality. These are all things outside ourselves. Modalities and substances which are viewed as being separate and brought into our sphere as assistants.
"There is no thing outside ourselves"
all comes from within, all is created from within, including healing, just ask Bruce Lipton PhD. During the course of his research on stem cells he discovered how they react to their environment. Indicating clearly that environment in which they exist creates how they respond; which is just the opposite of what we were always told about how our DNA & Cells were pre-programed by our genetic makeup...~~~simply not so! Dr Lipton's findings clearly are telling us "WE Create Our Reality" (of physical condition in matter) from our beliefs which determine the environment of our thinking . Thus all being energy it means our thought becomes us by vibrating the frequency or the beliefs we express (this includes our body health). Knowing this it says we do not have to concern ourselves with knowing Healing Modalities, Remedies of compatible earth kingdoms we created, or what regulations are placed on supplements or medications by the FDA and other government rulings.....Simply stated our thoughts can only be controlled by us via our beliefs, so we can think ourselves into the state of health and well-being we desire by thinking the proper environment.

Now my more radical Aquarius Moon is always tempered by my logical earthly Taurus Sun, so I'm not going to get flaky here. What I'm aware of is that all beliefs take time to work their way into cellular memory with a process of transforming many hair root of extended beliefs. Transformation of beliefs is an evolutionary process too, so just believing something on a human mind level does not mean body consciousness holds this belief. I've seen several people listening to Bashar Seth and particularly Elias go off the deep end here thinking once they believe in their mind it's a done deal, but they haven't seen yet that it isn't working for them cause they still battle their original issues. Evolution embraces enlightened spirituality and this is a process that does not occur over night with a change of belief in the human mind. This process is just that a process which takes time because otherwise it would short circuit our electro-magnetic cellular connections (I spent years working with Spiritual Guides regulating energy flow toprevent humanities short circuiting). Transformation of all the extended beliefs must take place so that the belief is held in Body Consciousness not just mind consciousness. Thus, not until we're sure Body Consciousness holds this awareness should we drop the cooperative effort we placed in physical matter to assist. For instance I'll still meditate do crystal layouts, avoid toxins, eat naturally and use earth companions from the plant kingdom to assist on the physical end as all was created to make our physical experience flow with the least resistance. It also means I'll not concern myself in the least with what FDA or government does regarding drugs supplements or health insurance cause when the entire Body Consciousness embraces this new belief I will no longer need these things outside myself.
Feel really great adding this next step with feet firmly planted in the
New Paradigm of my reality.

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