Thursday, July 7, 2011

Expanding The Consciousness of Prophecy

We don't need be INVOLVED EXPERIENCING to know Mother Earth is physically going through a transformation, anymore than we need be in the midst of rebellion to be aware humanity seeks freedom from control to become treated equal being self governed. We're know much which is not really part of our personal reality but it is part of collective mind of humanity with which we co-create the outer World reality. This is the time of the Great Purification when there will be wars and "spiritual conflict regarding material matters" according to old prophecy. With this in mind I view prophecy as something which is basic to be expanded upon because consciousness of all creation is in exponential expansion as the natural law of this evolving reality and could not hold true without expansion. Thus what the Egyptians or Hopi prophesied will be expanded upon in accordance to spirits awareness and we will view it intuitively from this perception through the course of evolved focus.

Example: The Hopi have many predictions one says at the time of this Purification many new plants will grow creating a whole new biological study which will have a spiritual merging with the stars or cosmos. This to me says if plants with new biology become into being, then that of matter which consumes it will also have a transformed biology capable of embracing it's consumption. It also indicates the information developing these biological wonders may well be given via spiritual cosmic sources. Expanding that prophecy points directly to GMO or Modified Seeds and use of Chemicals for their growth. For me it indicates quite clearly that while these are available to humans, due to present construct a gradual consumption in moderation is necessary until the physical form adjusts it's belief as well as it's chemistry, otherwise it will be harmful. Thus, I continue to create new beliefs as shown by Bruce Lipton PhD and our environment and thought influencing the activity of DNA and cells and also grow my own organic food to moderate the amount of modified intake. Eventually the physical will evolve to where no moderation will be necessary in future generations..

The problem with prophecy is it's stated from the consciousness of the day, not taking into consideration consciousness is at all times exponentially expanding to become more. This expansion also would mean population expansion as well as expansion of crops and all else of this expanding creation. With Purification it's says humans will seek to ethically limit population growth strive for Equality, Inner-marry, and learn to speak one language. We are doing exactly this today and English is becoming the common language of the world as we merge via the web. I'm beginning to more clearly see these ancient prophecies in their form are indicating that with expansion what must change is exactly that CHANGE, it is not a choice to staying in the old original form to find harmony but actually change / merging the polarity finding the mid or balance point between the two. The new energy cycle we move into is no longer about one thing being right and another wrong but Unification in balance through love of all as One. In expanded perception the two main paths of choice are in the beliefs humans hold about themselves in relation to the entirety of the Whole of Consciousness or the ALL THAT IS.
# it continue the old paradigm of separateness and superiority of the few as life, occurs outside ourselves in Victim-hood
#All being One with humanity co-creating according to it's vibration of belief each aspect carries within to become their outer expression as a process of exponential expansion through Unity Consciousness.
Two very different paths shown in the drawing on an ancient Rock which when merged with expanded awareness become an choice of
"Spiritual Awareness present itself in how humans express themselves as matter".
It's a choice far more expansive than the limited consciousness ancient prophecy could express to us.

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