Thursday, July 21, 2011

Independence Isn't Freedom

Comment from blog subjects often lead to new subjects as awareness expands to view more clarity of truth. A most recent one offered the idea of how new energy is creating new relationships with new styles of partnering or mating being accepted as the Family Unit. Families are groups of being living and loving together to sustain life. Why? should anyone outside our unit denote it's construct. Old cultures created extended family units of three or four generations under the same roof and we are being forced to go back to this or design new units so as to sustain life at this time of the collapsing of old cycle belief systems till we create a new cycle of belief expression for humanity to experience. We've lived in a strange society fed this idea of Independence, and as we strive for it we actually become more dependent, finding we have less freedom when the whole idea of independence is freedom. The American Dream of everyone independently owning their own home is a myth. This ownership creates necessary responsibility for mortgages, taxes, maintenance and any freedom sought in this is lost. The idea of independence being freedom hit home some years ago when starting my own business in an effort to be more in control of life and financial gain. Joke...the first was becoming a landlord where the outside world stepped along-side with rules to protect tenants from me, the second shot was in store ownership and the customer always being right. With both I'd taken on responsibility for not just myself, but everything and everyone else first 24/7. Independence became a prison rather than the freedom sought. So it is in these times of economic collapse people are finding independence offers only more responsibility and less freedom, and financially it's becoming necessary to share the burden of life by merging our efforts. The times are keeping our children home beyond college, returning jobless children with children to share space with older parents and retired elders. These times are even holding marriages together out of inability to afford separation. It's forcing elders to forfeit pricey independent senior living communities for the generational family units in which they become a symbiotic part of the whole. It may be the intention of our higher consciousness to do this, showing us how independence created lack of wholeness which is necessary because consciousness designed the blueprint to function as a unite of inner-acting wholeness in each expanding level of vibration.....
Last nights news indicated society is changing, I'm convinced this is one more those sales jobs for the Independence Idea as a status symbol to weaken the ability of the whole to function in it's true power as Oneness. We all know the housing market failed, according to this news report it's picked up in construction of large apartment buildings in urban areas. Rental units appealing to short term responsibility compared to ownership, with no responsibility toward property tax or maintenance. Maybe in urban areas with more jobs available they are still buying into this as independence and freedom, but they can't sell it in hometown rural America anymore. Local papers indicate the opposite with more ads than ever for apartments with lower rents than last year and more acceptance with less restrictions. The sames ads run week after week indicating fewer can individually afford independent living. Over the past few years more and more friends and neighbors with children merged home with retired grandparents out of necessity, and I doubt this trend will change anytime soon with the economy and cycle of endings with new beginnings created out of new belief systems. Long before the golden girls my sister and I agreed to joint lives in our golden years. Unfortunately she isn't here to fulfill this and we both saw how same age people are no advantage to each other cause neither can't do what you use to and if your young both want to do what when you can. It's a challenge to merge age groups, but with acceptance it works to compliment the other, as those who can do for those who can't but have the wisdom and funds to create the doing, and those in yet the developmental stage get the advantage of being raised by a village where there is always an open ear, open hand and heart to love them into growth. This is our opportunity to see the Truth of real Independence and real Freedom offered in living the Unity Consciousness inner-action as the Oneness All Is.
It takes a village to raise a child and the
village to sustain symbiotic harmony for All

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