Monday, July 25, 2011

New Unity Often Stings

I began to post a new blog and then deleted realizing my energy simply wasn't in the right place for progression. The place was not new energy as there was resentment entwined with it...this came from feeling used when I should of just been enjoying the way spirit of the other kingdoms had handled it on their end. Presently I'm in process of creating a Pocket of Unified Consciousness as a small sustainable community here among tenant occupants. As a landlord over 10years ago I began incorporating tenants to feel more a part of the space by giving rent reduction for needed chores like lawn mowing, plumbing from plumbers, electronic installation form a pros, and from my adult son maintenance and improvements. These exchanges are in line with moving away from depending on the old paradigm monetary system so we can move into a sustainable society from our natural assets. Of course this can at this time only be in part as society still demands monetary exchange for utilities taxes and such, but everything has a beginning point and I'm attempting to establish one as the old currently collapses. The main problem is in the chaos we encounter with those resisting and not seeing the equality of all. In this Pocket we respect needs and desires of all the kingdoms, Plant, Animal and Mineral by recognizing them equal functioning aspect of this reality. This is not always easy for new comers to live and a new tenant/member has seen this as an opportunity to run her own show at the expense of others.

Lets just say she's infringed on privacy and taken advantage of the give/take attitude to run the show. Rather than resent it, because I realize I've allowed it, I'm showing her an love from an open heart allowing her to learn on her own how this system works for the greater good of all. This is the energy we are progressing toward Love from heart thinking and it's coming as a message loud and clear at this time from the cosmos. The best teachers are natural energies and their is none better to teach it than that of natures creatures. She chose to exchange with me weeding at the tenant house compensating for late payments. This would of been agreed to but she took it upon herself to do without agreement, thus failing to learn the rules we operate under andthen felt retaliation energy form those she offended . She infringed by pulling weeds without discussion or asking permission of the plant spirits and met face to face an in ground yellow jacket nest (it wasn't there two days earlier) which sent her flying inside her residence. A few minutes later she called me to be rescued from Wasps which were hovering at her only entrance/exit. Ya Gotta Laugh ~don't mess with Mother Nature~ I saved her by spraying the door and frame not the wasps who were expressing their displeasure of not being treated as equal occupants of this unified consciousness.

This coming month we will be receiving many opportunities to think from our heart and not our human mind....It is the flow of the Energy Wave being directed toward us for our application to take us into the new paradigm cycle of Higher Frequency.

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