Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our First Contact and TRUTH

Lately in comments around the web I've come to voice my beliefs which at times opposes what our society has so long believed as their truth.....At this time it's important even if it's not being agreeable because it's time for all to recognize, not my truth, but the basic truth of the construct of this reality we share. Like the fact we are all the same field of consciousness as one. We are all individual aspects of the same field which is the Source of All Things.This means you and the rocks in your yard, the stones in your walk way, the flowers in your garden and the weeds growing with them, the deer trying to eat them and the dog by your side, are all just different aspects of the same eternal field of consciousness energy. It's been told to us in our holy books and in movies like Star Wars and yet we still think in separateness ..we are not separate..we are part of the same field, we are each a drop of water in the same ocean.

Came across this video yesterday and found it clarifying in many ways and highly valuable to enhance my own application for living this truth. It was like driving another nail in to secure this as my way of thinking. In the early 1980's I read Billy Meier's works after having channeled several Pleiadian's energies myself. I know their energy to be higher representations of myself in a different reality. Their sharing is valid information and was expanded upon by Barb Marciniak who channeled them in several live group sessions I attended in early 90's before writing her books
Bringers of the Dawn and Earth Pleiadian Keys. I've included this video, tho older and not new information, it gives the only real message of importance we need be aware of at this time. Regardless of our belief in ET's these messages of who we are carry the same truth we hear today and that which was shared more than 2000 years ago...
Worth a watch and important to nail this home.

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