Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rewriting Our Program

The human race thinks it self so smart ~ in truth it's not. We've been given all the information needed and yet proceed to annihilate our personal selves as well as our species. Now this would be ok if it were in our hearts to do so, but it's not; healthy minded people want to live healthy and enjoy life. Simply said we don't listen to our bodies. Yes they do speak to us in their language and if we were as smart as we think ourselves to be we'd learn that language and start communicating. When I lay down at night I often hear pings of my nerves relaxing, sometimes I even get a loud shocking pinging buzzer like rubber bands springing loose. It's tension being released. For years I just enjoyed hearing physical relax, then one day realize this is warning signs -my body speaking to me- not just a happening. It's body saying it needs to be more relaxed during my day by not take such unimportant things so I spent some time contemplating what was creating this in me. Of course there are those days, we all have them just as we have those people in our lives, but without those there was still tension. Why? it was then I realized how my programing was like a continuously playing record stuck in a groove. I chose a parent who's up bringing had me constantly concerned with "What will the neighbors think". Even as a little kid I knew the the neighbors should not be thinking about what I do cause they themselves lacked true character. I knew this statement being shoved down my throat was over kill, because it was my doing what was for the greater good that held important. Horrid to say but before my years numbered double digits I recognize this came from a small closed mind. Yet it was programed into my mind by hearing it repeatedly (even denying it the program was being run ) it became self activated in cellular memory. Thus our body reacts on rote memory constantly acting out the concern of what others will think.

This closed minded programing, 69 years later is still creating tension in my physical body... This is a lesson for me in how cellular memory plays out in creating our reality experience, and thus effects our physical structure. Like the other day Oneson came home at noon from work and I sprang into action to wash last nights dinner dishes. After dinner we've been gardening up till dark and beyond to beat the heat. Then days I often get carried away with doings and other people. Living in that now moment doesn't always include dish-washing . However if the people were to come into my space you can bet I'd of scurried around to not just wash dishes but to tidy up the rest of the house too. WHY? because I've been programmed to have concern of what others will think me less than perfect. Who's business is it how I live other than mine since I'm single. Why would anyone expect the space we live in to be a perfect showcase. There is no obligation for me to provide anyone with a showplace home. I'm no ones keeper or mate so anyone not liking my mess doesn't have to be here. This concern of what others may think is programed into memory of every cell from my formative years. It creates tension by always trying to meet others standards. Which is stupid as a mess is not filth or laziness it's simply living in our space. Such an insignificant thing as dirty dinner dishes has shown me how cellular programing works to create the reality we experience. My mind knows better and I keep thinking I've over ridden this concern, but in truth it still plays from the cellular memory bank of each and every cell.

The only way to turn this program off is to consciously and with effort transform thought with repeated application opposing it. (science says our formative early years program us for life and this is proof of it for me) But once aware of it we can turn off old programs knowing their are new programs downloaded just waiting to be installed by repeating the thought till it is the groove on our memory record. Today I begin a conscious effort to create a new memory groove to play a more appropriate program which says... " It matters not what the neighbors think, but that my expression be for greater good"... oh my I can see this covering a wide field of releasing tension when by not doing that people pleaser thing again. I know not each cell is grooved it's memory bank with the same incident of this statement, so the memory is being released at every new level of letting go that is encountered until the cell is cleanse.. What old programs are playing in your cellular memory to undermine your ability to be expressing your new beliefs and create your greatest desires of wholeness and joy?

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