Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are We Changing Elenin Perdictions?

Is Comet Elenin Disintegrating? Is our thought changing it's outcome?
Below is the link to this question which shows scientific astrological information of Elenin change occurring...
For those aware how we human as souls project our physical into being, we also know now that No-Thing is created outside ourselves, but all reality is a projection from within. We as aspects/souls of the Whole of the Source Field understand that collectively we created this Earth reality in a Solar System designed as a Universe acting as our stage.This is quite a projection but non the less the reality is our design and through a joint thought it's held in place for our individual focuses as humans to experience being the actors in a story line we choose. We know all which appears physical in it's base form is actually energy of it's personalized vibration frequency, and science is coming up with proofs agreeing. We are just opening the door of understanding and taking the first steps toward consciously mastering our own reality experiences, and as such see how the most recent hurricane Irene was a reactive energy result of the frequency of Mother Earths Aura in various locations. This is aura being a result of the energy humanity living in an area has created to become. (we all know there are lesser or nicer feels to certain places, and this energy is that Earth Aura we are speaking of)

Irene was only a Category2 and upon making landfall in the U.S. she slowed to a Cat1 or a Tropical Storm. Her danger was not the wind, however powerful, but her lack of movement remaining in place for hours dumping quantities of rain on already saturated soils. Thus her damage came not from the norm of wind but amount of water. As she moved it appeared she would pick and chose the areas in which to show her wrath, when in truth according to how energy works that wrath was a reflection of the density existing in a given area that the planet needed to release. (sorry people but true, and it's time we start recognizing our thoughts create the energy we radiate as aura and this determines the energy frequency of the aura where we live on Mother Earth as she too is a living being just a different form)

If we can do this on planet .....and we do all the time as this is how our reality works because all creation is energy formed from our thoughts and belies manifesting as physical. Then it also means we can change cosmic events by changing the energy of the thoughts applied to them. It appears we humans fear the unknown, so when we then are in the knowing fear may raise but then take that swing of the pendulum to the other polarity of non fear having taken what precautions we feel comfort in. There are many who accept Comet Elenin is on it's way, but fell just as with others it too will pass us by or become a non factor. Our knowing of it is most probably serving our best interest because by believing in it we feel it could never happen to us that a comet would destroy this planet.(if we were unaware it would have free will to exist as it was originally created to perform ~~ but humanities change is changing it;s action instead) We must remember now in our new awareness how truly powerful we are as beings, because we in truth are that force of creation being in the likeness of the Source Field which is All Things or what we have presumed to call GOD. Being of this likeness we then are co-creating the entirety of the reality we experience which includes Elenin and it's action within our reality. Thus the question can be transformed to ask:
Are We Changing the Elenin Event Predictions so we save our planet with the transformed energy frequency of our thoughts?

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